Mark Reads Bad Fic Continues!

Oh god I HAVE INTERNET. It’s been weird to only rely on my phone for ANY sort of connection to the Internet world, and even then, it’s only for an hour or two a day. Anyway, I’m still on tour! It’s been SUPER FUN and I have three dates left. But I wanted to update y’all about the Bad Fic videos. I’ve now made it to $3,000 for my ALC fund, which means that as soon as I have free time from writing and touring, the next video will go up:

Mark Reads Sandra Hill’s Rough and Ready

I’m still allowing voting and suggestions on my original post, but I wanted to make an amendment. I’ve made the minimum needed to do the ride (YAY THAT TOOK THREE WEEKS Y’ALL ARE AMAZING), so I thought I’d send y’all to my brother’s ALC fund to help him get to his minimum!

Here’s his page:

For each $1,000 level you get him to, I’ll make a new video. I need to read My Vagina is Haunted or my life is not complete. GET ON IT.

Thank you all for your support and for helping out this wonderful cause! I hope to have a video made by Wednesday afternoon, my first day off of tour in two weeks. LET’S DO THIS.

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27 Responses to Mark Reads Bad Fic Continues!

  1. Maddy Nelson says:

    De-lurking to say I’ll be donating to that fund! Reading bad fic is as good a cause as any.

    Ps the tour is fun from this side as well! Thanks again for stopping in Spokane, the little party time we had was a blast!

  2. liz says:

    Ahahaha best $250 I ever spent, I am dying of anticipation for the next video!!

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