Mark Predicts ‘The Sandman’: Volume 4

HAHAHAHA WELL I TRIED. How was I supposed to know that I’d get an entire volume full of stories that didn’t fit into a linear sense of continuity? BEAUTIFULLY UNPREPARED. At the very least, I did get the prediction about Death right, didn’t I? At least technically, I think. IT COUNTS AND I AM COUNTING IT.

This is going to be a short post because what the fuck is going on. I have not one clue as to what volume four is going to deal with. That’s really exciting! This is unlike pretty much everything I’ve ever covered (series-wise) on Mark Reads. I AM IN UNCHARTED TERRITORY.

All right. Here goes.

Mark’s Poorly Thought Out Predictions for Volume 4

        • We will find out why Desire and Despair hate Dream so much. WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS PULLING SHENANIGANS ON HIM.
        • We’ll see Fiddler’s Green again.
        • We’ll know who Matthew was as a human.
        • Yes, I’m cheating again. WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO PREDICT????
        • We’ll meet another one of the Endless/Eternal we haven’t seen yet. (I feel like we haven’t met them all, but I’m sure I’ll get this wrong, too. OH WELL.)
        • This story will be entirely new and won’t be a reference to a past plot line. What I mean is that this is going in a new direction.
        • Everything is going to be creepy and weird.

oh my god i am so unprepared.

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