Mark Predicts ‘The Sandman’: Volume 3

In the third volume of Sandman, stuff is going to happen? I think? If you’re intrigued, then Mark is going to try to predict what happens in the third volume of The Sandman.

I just realized that what the fuck am I doing?

How is this even possible at this point? Weren’t all the stories from the first two volumes resolved? How can I predict anything with any sort of success? No, for real, my unpreparedness levels are at an all-time, so allow me to do something I am going to come to regret.

Mark’s Predictions For Volume 3 of The Sandman

  • We will find out why Desire and Despair hate Dream so much. WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS PULLING SHENANIGANS ON HIM.
  • We’ll see Fiddler’s Green again.
  • We’ll know who Matthew was as a human.
  • Death will re-appear in the story and will play a huge part in the main plot.
  • Why on Earth am I doing this? What if this isn’t even a chronological story after volume 2? How are there ten more volumes at the very least? I AM SO UNPREPARED IT HURTS.

On that note, it’s kind of neat to me that the first two volumes of this graphic novel make me feel like I just read an entire novel. I’m barely through this, and I already feel so wonderfully satisfied. Writing about The Sandman is certainly a challenge for me, and it’s a challenge I’m glad that I’ve taken on. Being presented with things that are intellectually uncomfortable is exciting to me, and I admit that sometimes I feel that writing about The Sandman is a bit daunting. What if I miss what’s important? What if I don’t pick up on themes or ideas that are obvious to everyone else? How can I still do what it is that I do here on this site while allowing myself the chance to branch out into new things? The sheer size and scope of this graphic novel does terrify me at times, more so than The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. I’m just happy that there are so very many of you who are not only willing to go on this journey, but who are also reading this for the first time along with me. On the Mark Does Stuff Tour, I told folks that I feel like this community is basically a very intense online book club, one where I haven’t read the assigned book. So it’s immensely flattering to me that so many of you also enjoy fiction and engaging with it on a critical level in this protracted way that I go about things.

And as scary as it can be sometimes to think about how intimidated I feel about this project, it’s truthfully quite exciting to be able to discover a new fictional world again with so many of you joining me. I’ve missed a lot of stuff because of my upbringing, so I’m very ecstatic that I get to play catch-up and y’all are here to witness that, too.

Okay, enough sappiness. Onwards to volume three!

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  1. rosaxx50 says:

    Remind yourself that EVERY INTERPRETATION IS RIGHT.

    TBH I love these posts. They’re especially challenging for Sandman. Yes, you are unprepared.

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