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Hello, everyone! As I’m sure you know by now if you follow my Twitter accounts, or my Facebook, or the newsletter, or you read the links at the bottom, I’m participating in my fifth consecutive AIDS/LifeCycle Ride. This is a charity bike ride where I spend seven days biking from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Along the way, I help spread awareness about HIV/AIDS in California, and in order to ride, I must raise $3,000 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation!

This is a particularly important year since all funding was cut to these programs. I have friends who use the services at the SFAF, and it’s kept them alive. It’s a wonderful organization, and they’re helping to stop the spread of HIV, and to give services to those with the virus so that they can lead long, fulfilling lives. You should definitely read more about this ride. To date, I’ve raised about $13,000 over four years cycling with this organization of FABULOUS PEOPLE.

This year, I’m doing two things differently. First, I’m setting my fundraising goal at $10,000. I’ve got more people paying attention to what I do than ever before, so why not shoot for a much higher goal? Secondly, I wanted to provide a very unique incentive to the people in this community who help to raise money for this cause.

I’ve had so many people tell me how they wish they could see me do live readings, but I am just starting out my touring career. I have a lot of places I want to go! So I wanted to provide all of you with a gift for each $1,000 I raise: I will record a live, improv reading of the top 10 fics or books that are chosen by this community until I reach $10,000. The lowest accepted donation is $5, and you can also split up a donation over a period of six to ten months. If you cannot afford to donate, that’s okay! Pass along this link to others, post it on your Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr, and get other people to see it. The more exposure it gets, the easier it will be for me to reach the next level and give y’all MORE VIDEOS.

So, I just barely told everyone yesterday I was going to do this, and I’ve already hit $1150. EXCELLENT. So, here are the rules:

1) Suggest any fic or novel that is utterly abysmal, terribly written, poorly plotted, and will destroy me with awful.
2) I won’t read fics about rape or abuse or really shitty stuff like that, so don’t try.
3) Suggest this title once; please read the comments to see if someone else suggested it. When you comment and leave a suggestion, I prefer this format:

a) Name of fic/book
b) Author
c) Length
d) Fandom (for fics only); genre (for books only)
e) Where can I find this? Link it to me, send me the link on the Kindle store, mail it to me, tell me how to get it ~illegally~ or send it to me that way, whatever. I don’t care.

I’m not always going to read the whole thing since I don’t want to read a whole book outloud in one sitting, so I’ll do my best to replicate what I did on the last tour. I’ll upload them to both YouTube and Vimeo, and I’ll make a new post for each one here on Mark Reads.

Sound good? I’ll use this post to choose all ten, so comment/upvote away!

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6 Responses to Help choose Mark Reads Bad Fanfic / Bad Novels

  1. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
    Stephenie Meyer
    192 Pages
    The Twilight Fandom (Face it, it’s a fanfic) (Although if you find a free PDF download, I won’t blame you in the slightest).

  2. Erik says:

    How I Became Yours
    Jackie Diaz
    328 Pages
    Avatar fandom
    It can be found here:

  3. Rachel the HobbitWife says:

    Just told my son what your fic requirements are and he said “But he’s already read Twilight!”

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  6. Mimkana says:

    A)My Dragons, Your Phoenixes, His Death Eaters
    B)XxX Fleur-Delacour XxX
    C)43 Chapters
    D)Harry Potter

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