Mark Predicts ‘The Sandman’: Volume 5


oh god what

  • We will find out why Desire and Despair hate Dream so much. WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS PULLING SHENANIGANS ON HIM. Nope. 0/1
  • We’ll see Fiddler’s Green again. Damn it, no. 0/2
  • We’ll know who Matthew was as a human. NOPE. 0/3
  • Yes, I’m cheating again. WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO PREDICT???? I’ll count this as another failed attempt. 0/4
  • We’ll meet another one of the Endless/Eternal we haven’t seen yet. (I feel like we haven’t met them all, but I’m sure I’ll get this wrong, too. OH WELL.) HOLY SHIT I GOT ONE RIGHT OH MY GOD. 1/5
  • This story will be entirely new and won’t be a reference to a past plot line. What I mean is that this is going in a new direction. LOL. 1/6
  • Everything is going to be creepy and weird. This isn’t even fair. I won’t count this just to spite myself. 1/7
  • I CAN’T GO WRONG WITH THAT ONE, CAN I. Yes. Yes, you can, Mark. 1/8

Well, that was a good show. Despite that I am fully aware that I’m walking quite blissfully into yet another volume with no idea as to what it’s about, this should be real fun. Actually, I think that this time, I have a slightly better grasp on what might happen, especially since I am paying attention to unresolved story lines. LET’S DO THIS.

Mark’s Predictions for volume 5 of The Sandman

  • Okay, so it seems that each volume picks up some tiny grain of a story left behind and expands on it. Let’s start with a general prediction and say that this volume is based on a plot or character from a past issue.
  • I think volume five will focus on either Nuala or Loki. I GET BONUS POINTS IF IT’S BOTH.
  • We will see an intervention from Despair.
  • There won’t be any interludes or story tangents in volume 5. (I’m guessing that because it feels shorter than most of the other volumes.
  • Even if it doesn’t focus on Nuala or Loki, we’ll find out what Dream did with them after giving Hell to the Angels.
  • Satan will have a cameo.
  • “A Game of You” will be about identity.
  • The cover I have features a disjointed face in the shape of house, and I think that we’ll learn something in this issue that might possibly explain why this cover looks like this.
  • Everything is going to be fucked up.
  • And creepy.
  • We’ll see Dream in the form of a woman and an animal in this volume.
  • I’m unprepared.


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