Mark Reads ‘Jingo’: Part 7

In the seventh part of Jingo, I’m back to being unprepared again. WHAT IS HAPPENING. If you’re intrigued, then it’s time for Mark to read Discworld. 

Plainclothes With Carrot

I think I may make more fanart requests than ever before because of this book. Look, I just adore the idea that Carrot basically found a Mr. Potato Head kit and thought that this would disguise. My god, his brain is so literal, and yet I still keep forgetting just how literal he is. Sometimes, that way of viewing the world isn’t always a funny thing. This exchange, for example:

“I suppose a werewolf is in plain clothes all the time, when you think about it,” said Carrot.

“Thank you, Carrot. And you are absolutely right.”

“I just don’t feel comfortable, living a lie.”

“Walk a mile on these paws.”

Carrot’s never had any reason to be or present himself as anything other than… well, Carrot. Honesty is everything to him, but for Angua? Lying is part of survival. She can’t disclose here werewolf nature to just anyone, and Carrot has been lucky enough that he’s never had to hide who he is from other people. Trust me, as a queer dude, THIS IS DEEPLY RELATABLE CONTENT FOR ME. I know exactly what Angua is referring to, and I still have to gauge situations in order to determine whether or not I can be my whole self without risking my safety.

Sometimes, I wish Carrot would truly listen to Angua. I think his perception of the world would change.

The Second Bowman

Well, we can now rule out 71-Hour Ahmed, can’t we? Carrot and Angua’s “quiet” investigation brings them to Unseen University, not the Opera House, where they surmise the bowman must have actually been hiding. With the help of the Librarian (HELLO!), they zero in on the fifth floor, where Pratchett does the coolest thing ever: give us an entire scene from the perspective of Angua while she is a werewolf. We get a sense for how scent works for her and what it looks and feels like. It’s such an awesome moment in the book, and it has nothing to do with being funny or satirical. Like, do y’all ever have to remind yourselves that Pratchett is still writing fantasy books? I guess I never consider that in any deliberate sense, but just because he’s cracking jokes or making a parody doesn’t mean his books don’t still exist within the genre. (Not that any of you would say that, of course.)

I was really satisfied by the execution of the scene and what came from it. Y’all, Angua might just be the best Watch detective, and I hope she gets her dues.

Daceyville “Snowy” Slopes

I’m both impressed with Pratchett and shaking my fist at him for revealing who the second bowman was – a non-Guild assassin who is notorious for killing people for money – AND THEN IMMEDIATELY KILL THEM OFF. Someone beheaded Snowy Slopes! WHAT THE HELL. Is the orchestrator of this whole disaster trying to clean up their tracks? OH MY GOD I WASN’T READY.

The Goriffs

Oh, I just feel bad for them. Given the social climate in Ankh-Morpork, I’m not sure how this could end well for them. The son accidentally killed someone who burst into their shop, and the news is already being spun as a “Klatchian” killing someone. There’s no nuance, and the people of Ankh-Morpork are already running with it. EXCEPT HE WASN’T ACTUALLY KILLED, JUST STRUCK IN THE ARM, and my god, the way news spreads is horrifying. Are people going to bother to confirm what they’re hearing is true? Or will they just go with what fits their own ideas?



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