Mark Reads ‘Jingo’: Part 6

In the sixth part of Jingo, I take it back. The murder mystery is pretty cool. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Discworld.

Okay, in just a handful of pages, this mystery just got a whole lot more interesting. To paraphrase Colon: it’s because of politics.

71-Hour Ahmed

Ah, the clove! I missed that detail. So, 71-Hour Ahmed was not near the Prince or his brother. Instead… he was right by Ossie??? And he’s certainly strong enough to pull the bow that shot the Prince, but why on earth would he do something like that? Also, I just want to take this moment to explain that I now understand a basic level or archery because I GOT TO SHOOT A BOW AND ARROW FOR THE FIRST TIME A COUPLE WEEKS AGO. Y’all, it was incredible, and it turns out that I’M NOT THAT BAD. Just wait, I’m gonna turn into Katniss one of these days.

Anyway, back to the case! I now see why I couldn’t guess what was on the iconograph because the whole time, it was what wasn’t on there that was so important. Even further, Vimes’s summary of the evidence is pretty damn perplexing:

“So he was shot in the back by a man in front of him who could not possibly have used the bow that he didn’t shoot him with from the wrong direction…”

Which means… I don’t know. Perhaps Ahmed sealed Ossie in the Barbican, then went to top of the Opera House, fired on the Prince, then disappeared.


Trust No One

I just wanted to say that I loved that exchange, and now I wish The X-Files had actually had a scene where some government whistleblower told Mulder to trust no one and he looked at them with shock and said, “But I can trust Scully, right?”

Colon and Nobbs on the Case

Oh my god, Vimes was right. TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY RIGHT. Colon and Nobbs go right for the obvious and that’s it. Let’s first acknowledge how they gain entrance to Ossie’s rental place: TERRIBLY. They announce that they’re the police, then lie about it, then lie again, and then offer money because they’re actors? Again, I am continually surprised that either of these men have survived beyond their twentieth birthdays, y’all.

Let’s talk about what they find, because, as predicted, the evidence is neat, simple, and easily categorizable. There are military supply magazines under Ossie’s bed. A box of hundreds of Klatchian coins. Sand on the floor. As Vimes will later point out, it’s like someone pulled out a dictionary of Klatchian stereotypes and littered them about the room, all so that people would assume that Klatch paid Ossie to shoot their own Prince, thereby giving them a reason to invade Ankh-Morpork and go to war. (Which confuses me if Ahmed is responsible. Isn’t that the same thing?) If that’s true, that means someone else is responsible for all of this, but wants to make the Klatchians look bad.

No wonder this has to be kept quiet. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Dinner with Sybil

You know, I do feel bad for her, given that she tries so hard to have a semblance of a normal night with Vimes. How often does he work all-nighters? Rush out of dinners and parties? Fail to pay attention because he’s reading reports? Poor Sybil. She’s trying.

And yet, Vimes is called away again. Apparently by a murder! Oh god, what happened now???

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