Mark Reads ‘Maskerade’: Part 7

In the seventh part of Maskerade, this is going to end in a disaster, isn’t it? Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Discworld


WHAT DID SHE PURCHASE? What did she stick under her mattress??? Ah, why must Pratchett tease me with this? Agnes relies on a little bit of witch magic in a time of need, which I feel like is a huge development for her. Is this the last time we’ll see her do this, or is it just the start? Ah, and it happens right as Granny and Nanny make it to Ankh-Morpork, too. A coincidence? Sure, but I think that maybe this is a hint that Agnes might reconsider being a witch by the end of the book. Of course, I’ll need to see what it is she does with the “ingredients” she tucked under her mattress, but STILL.

Like Royalty

Yo, I was having so much fun with the Ghost plot and Granny at Mrs. Palm’s that I FORGOT WHY THESE TWO WITCHES CAME TO ANKH-MORPORK IN THE FIRST PLACE. Nanny Ogg’s royalty payments!!! I wonder, then, if Nanny had been reluctant to pursue this the whole time because she knew she’d sent a very old photo of herself to the publisher. I honestly wouldn’t put it past her. But that’s not really the story here; it felt like more of a set-up and a punchline, albeit a really funny one. But what of Goatberger? The dude claims to have paid Nanny back for the books, but how much exactly? It sounds like there’s absolutely no system for royalties in this publishing company, which means Goatberger has made a fortune off of something that Nanny Ogg wrote.

Granny is going to destroy him.

The Ghost

Every new detail about the Ghost confuses me more than the last one. How the fuck can the same person wish Christine to be Iodine and also destroy the very instruments needed to allow Christine to perform? It makes no goddamn sense, y’all. I’m beginning to think that the Ghost is just one giant agent of chaos, a distraction meant to divert everyone’s attention away from… I don’t fucking know. The basement? Common sense? WHO KNOWS??? Their motivation is perplexing; their actions are bewildering; and I feel no closer to understanding any of this. The Ghost is being wasteful while simultaneously demanding that the show go on. Why? To make the crew suffer?

If so, they’ve achieved their goal.

Nanny and Granny at the Opera

BLESS FOREVER. First of all, they downgrade their tickets because Granny thinks they’re for literal stalls. This comes after she takes Nanny at face value regarding that comment about “ole crones,” and we all know that calling Granny a “crone” is a guarantee of death. PRETTY MUCH. I am looking forward to Granny’s live commentary during the production, too, mostly because I personally don’t get opera at all. So I expect to relate to her commentary a lot.

Death at the Opera

With Undershaft gone, who is next??? Is the Ghost killing with a pattern in mind or something else? CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THE MUSTARD/SALT JOKE?

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