Mark Reads ‘Lords and Ladies’: Part 3

In the third part of Lords and Ladies, Granny and Nanny get to work on the Dancers; Magrat adjusts to royal life; and Ridcully decides to take a trip. Intrigued? Then it’s time or Mark to read Discworld.

So much new information!!!

Another world, another castle…

Okay, so are we talking parallel worlds here? Somewhere not on the Disc at all? It’s a world with an elf named Lankin and a pet that escaped and murdered someone. NOPE. What kind of pet? Why does the weakening of the gate between worlds cause crop circles??? Why are those crop circles appearing in places that aren’t crops?


Nanny and Granny

I really do wish these two would have just informed Magrat what was going on. Obviously, there’s a selfish reason for that: I’d discover myself what was going on. But it’s a technique that Granny has never really tested out. She always assumes the worst of Magrat, that Magrat will never truly understand or will have the Wrong Opinions of things. But it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, I think. Magrat can’t have the Right Opinions because no one ever gives her the information that might lead her to that place, you know?

If what they’re facing is as bad as Granny makes it seem (and it seems pretty serious), I don’t see why having a third person helping out would be a bad thing.

Queen Magrat

As I mentioned on video, it’s pretty funny to me that I’m now reading two books at the same time that deal with a character discovering the challenges of noble life. Granted, it’s far less subtle with Magrat’s story, since the change she goes through is also far more extreme. She went from the life of a witch – albeit one who didn’t fit in at all with the other two Lancre witches – to… well… that’s complicated. She’s not quite the queen yet, despite that her maid, Millie, treats her exactly as you’d expect her to.

Even that is weird, though. There’s absolutely no joy within this for any parties involved. Gone is the fairytale notion of regality; Magrat’s life is now mundane and strangely complicated and contains no magic at all. (Get it? No magic??? I’m so clever!!!) How is she going to adjust to that? For someone who dressed in such a simple outfit, Magrat is now forced to deal with the difficult task of dressing like a queen. Which is also not as magical as she thought it would be, either!

“And what happens now?”

“Dunno, m’m.”

“What’s the king doing?”

“Oh, he had breakfast early and buggered off over to Slice to show old Muckloe how to breed his pigs out of a book.”

“So what do I do? What’s my job?”

Oh, Magrat, I don’t think this is what you wanted at all.


I am quite excited that Ridcully and the Librarian will play a part in this because that means this is guaranteed to be ridiculous. The man is just such an odd character, utterly out of place at Unseen University, yet completely perfect for it. He’s exactly what the wizards needed. But I don’t know what part he might play. Whatever’s happening with the circle of stones has reached the University, some five hundred miles away. That seems important. Pratchett also wouldn’t send Ridcully, the Librarian, and the Bursur to Lancre without some master plan. But what might that be? I don’t even understand what the title of this book is referring to yet!

At least we know that Ponder Stibbons was probably right on the mark concerning what’s actually happening. Too bad that Ridcully could not care less for anything involving the continuinuinuum. God, that word is so fun to say.

The original text contains use of the word “mad.”

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