Mark Predicts ‘The Light Fantastic’

You know, until my lovely moderator nanceoir updated the schedule to include predictions for The Light Fantastic, I didn’t even know if predictions were going to be a part of this experience. Alas, it’s time to public embarrass myself for the Discworld fandom. LET’S DO THIS.

If you’ll bear with me, I do want to make sure to re-iterate the rules, particularly for this sort of post. A lot of times, my first prediction post for a new series I’m reading or watching brings out a whole lot of spoilers, so let’s make sure y’all know that this is not the time to break the rules.

1) Do not spoil me. Don’t tell me in any way if a prediction of mine is right or wrong. Don’t make a tally of this. Don’t openly quote things and laugh at them or say I’m unprepared because of it. Please be careful. I realize that this may limit discussion in some ways, but this type of post is the only way I can publicly post my thoughts about upcoming books in a series.

2) Don’t spoil other people. If you are reading The Light Fantastic for the first time, you are welcome to post your own predictions! Please treat these people with the same respect and courtesy that you would extend to me. Don’t spoil them in anyway either.

3) Don’t pretend to be unspoiled and post predictions that end up being correct. This hasn’t happened in a while, granted, but it was an unfortunate thing in the past. My moderators will know when you do this, and you’ll be banned from commenting. Don’t ruin a good thing.

And with that, LET’S TRY TO DO THIS.

Mark’s Predictions for The Light Fantastic

  1. We will learn how Rincewind survives the fall off the Discworld.
  2. We will learn what happened to Twoflower and Tethis.
  3. All three characters survive.
  4. So does the Luggage because it’s the Luggage and it has to.
  5. I’m guessing that A’Tuin doesn’t have a gender.
  6. I’m also guessing that they’ll land on new world, but they’ll be separated.
  7. The next book will switch POV between Rincewind and Twoflower.
  8. We’ll also be introduced to a new character who will show up in future novels. (I realize I won’t be able to determine if this is true until later, but I just wanted to guess this.)
  9. We’ll learn what spell Rincewind has in his head because he’ll have to use it.
  10. He’ll survive it’s use and be able to learn new magic!
  11. Twoflower will also get to go home after the events in The Light Fantastic.
  12. My guess is that the title of The Light Fantastic refers to a form of magic that we’ll learn about.
  13. I don’t even know how to predict anything else.

Well, let’s see how I fare! I start The Light Fantasic on Friday morning!

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