Mark Reads ‘Making Money’: Chapter 6, Part III

In the third part of the sixth chapter of Making Money, I DON’T GET IT. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Discworld.

What is happening??? What does this all mean??? Who put those things in the Cabinet in the first place???

This whole scene is SO MUCH and I can’t wrap my head around it. There’s not enough information here for me to even formulate a theory as to what the HELL Adora Belle actually found, and certainly not enough info for the Cabinet either. I’m okay with the latter; explaining the Cabinet seems pointless. It’s so much more fun accepting that this cabinet can unfold infinitely and contain anything non-pink and with a 14” x 14” x 14” cube. Who cares why that is?

However, I can’t just let the mystery of the golems that Adora Belle found go unsolved or unquestioned. This is a cool scene because of the Cabinet of Curiosity and how it’s tied to Adora Belle’s past. I am not sure if the Cabinet was ever mentioned before this book or even hinted at, and my guess is that this is the first appearance of it. It works better that way, too, since it’s such a huge secret, one that only three non-wizards appear to be aware of. (Adora Belle, her father, and now Moist.) It’s that personal history, though, that makes this feel so important and so huge. Adora Belle’s father was initially consulted to determine how the Cabinet worked, and that was also how she first glimpsed the foot of an Umnian Golem. What’s so important about the Umnian Golems?

I don’t know. They’re made of white clay and may have been more fragile? See, I don’t know if that foot was fragile because of how old it was or because that’s what they were always like. How did that foot end up in the Cabinet? Why did Adora Belle find the arm of an Umnian golem so far down into the soil? Clearly, they’re old, but that can’t just be their sole importance. Lots of things are old in Discworld. So what meaning does this have to Adora Belle? Why is it so important that she matched that arm with the foot she’d seen so many years prior? Look, Adora Belle RARELY GETS LIKE THIS! She is zoned out into her happy place before the Cabinet even produces the foot for her. Why??? Why does this excite her so much??? 

I truly don’t get this. Let’s say that Ponder is right. And I also guess that once we get to Professor Flead (HOW??? HE IS DEAD???), we’ll have confirmation that the Umnians were the first golem-makers. So, from a historical perspective, there’s a reason to be excited about this. But what do the markings on the golem’s body mean? Why did Adora find only four of these golem? Are there more buried somewhere down there, or are these four the only ones that survived? Because they’re probably not dead, right? Oh god, if they lose an arm, are they sentient like that or do they need a full body? 





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