Mark Reads ‘A Wizard of Mars’: Chapter 6, Part I

In the first half of the sixth chapter of A Wizard of Mars, Nita’s dream worries me. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Young Wizards.

Look, I’m at a point where I just have to believe that Nita’s dreams are a form of communication. It’s how wizardry speaks to her, and it’s how this oracular ability of hers presents itself more frequently. So, given that, what does this dream mean?

Well, there’s the “strange many-legged” creature, and I’ll assume we will meet them at some point in the novel. Perhaps a creature that used to live on Mars??? See, I’m also operating under the assumption that Nita is reacting to what’s happening on Mars. It barely seems a coincidence that this dream occurred after Kit “unlocked” that superegg, you know?

I don’t know what the water means, though I still think the theory I made on video is close to… something? I remember how important it was to find water on Mars, so there’s got to be a meaning to a tsunami on Mars. THAT’S A BIG DEAL, RIGHT. Is it a hint of a coming doom? Is it a metaphor for Nita feeling overwhelmed? Actually, I don’t really believe Nita has metaphorical dreams anymore. They tend to be literal, and the fact that her transit spell wouldn’t work in the dream makes me believe this is all a huge warning.

I THINK. This really could be residual anxiety and fear leftover from the Pullulus, but I’m not betting on it. SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

In the meantime, Duane peppers the first half of this chapter with a number of cool character moments between Nita and her father. We get to see the first result of the new arrangement that was made so that Harry can check in with and watch Dairine while she’s in Wellakh. It’s a good solution so far, especially since it appears to cater to Harry’s need to know as much as possible. It’s a combination between a live stream and a Wikipedia abyss, so basically, it’s my worst nightmare. (I would waste so much time with something like that, and I don’t even have anyone in my life who I would need to monitor like Harry does.) And, even better: Dairine actually did her chores before she left to Wellakh. SHE WAS RESPONSIBLE. Okay, it’s like the bare minimum, but it’s a start.

I hope that we do get a scene where Harry and Nelaid meet, because I’m sure THAT will be a lot of fun. (Mostly because they’ll likely bond over how difficult Dairine can be.) This half of the chapter is largely a set-up for other things, though, such as Nita’s meeting with S’reee or all the foreshadowing. I AM EAGER TO READ THE SECOND HALF, Y’ALL.

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