Mark Predicts ‘The Wizard’s Dilemma’

Oh, cousins, we’ve somehow made it to book five in the Young Wizards series. How? How has this come upon us so quickly? Thus, it’s time for me to attempt to predict the plot of the next book. LAUGH WITH ME. Or at me. That’s fine, too.

Okay, let’s examine how well I did last time:

  1. Nita and Kit will travel outside for the United States for the first time. Huzzah! I’m off to a good start!
  2. My guess is that it will be a school-sponsored trip. We had a few of those in high school, and they’re just about to be the right age to be in high school. I tried. I really did.
  3. They will travel to the United Kingdom! Why did I try.
  4. Specifically, I’m guessing they go to London. WHY
  5. At some point, they’ll travel to a SECOND country. This wasn’t a bad prediction, okay? OKAY.
  6. While on this trip, they will be assigned a mission by the Powers That Be. Well, hey, at least I got the easy one.
  7. They’ll have to use a translation spell at some point to speak with someone! UGH. THIS IS A COOL IDEA, Y’ALL, SO WHATEVER. I should just award myself this one out of spite. 
  8. They will use that awesome transport spell to travel a long distance on Earth at least once. “They” did not, but Kit sure did.
  9. I predict EVEN MORE ANGST and FRICTION between Kit and Nita regarding their friendship and feelings for one another. EXCELLENT. I GOT THE ANGST ONE RIGHT.
  10. The Lone Power will be mentioned, but will NOT be the antagonist for the book. And then it’s all wrong.
  11. The villain/antagonist will be a new character. So wrong.
  12. Who will also rise in the vacuum left behind by the Lone Power. UTTERLY WRONG, but actually, this is not a bad idea!
  13. No one will tragically die at the end of the book. That’s a demand more than a prediction. MORE PEOPLE THAN CAN BE RECOUNTED DIED TRAGICALLY AT THE END OF THIS BOOK. GREAT. 
  14. Let’s get meta: at least once, I’ll get to tell a story about traveling abroad. I still can’t believe I got to read this book before traveling abroad. What a magical coincidence. 
  15. At least once, there will be a scene so bizarre and unexpected that I will be rendered speechless on video. TOO MANY TO COUNT. 

OKAY, so now it’s time for yet another completely ridiculous (and probably wildly inaccurate) set of predictions. I don’t have a ton to go on, but guess what? That’s not stopping me.

Predictions for The Wizard’s Dilemma

  1. I think we’ll see Ronan again. We have to! UNRESOLVED CHARACTER STORIES.
  2. The entire book will take place in the United States.
  3. However, Nita and Kit will travel outside New York.
  4. The Powers That Be will assign Dairine to the same task as Kit and Nita.
  5. The three of them will face an antagonist that is NOT the Lone Power.
  6. (I don’t care, I’m running with this.)
  7. We’ll meet a new wizard who lives near all of them!
  9. Tom and Carl will have a new pet. Not that Picchu is replaceable, of course, but Picchu is totally replaceable.
  10. So, what’s the wizard’s dilemma? I think there will be a few.
  11. However, that’s not a fair prediction. Thus, I think that Nita will struggle with a choice that will have a positive affect on the world, but will fundamentally go against the laws that govern wizardry. Does she risk giving up being a wizard or does she save the world? That sort of thing.
  12. I’m probably wrong, aren’t I?


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