Mark Reads ‘Wizard’s Holiday’: Chapter 3, Part II

In the second half of the third chapter of Wizard’s Holiday, Kit gets permission and then discovers exactly what his trip is going to entail. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Young Wizards.

I AM SO THRILLED FOR THIS. I realized after completing this that we still don’t know what the exchange is going to be. Is the Alaalid wizard, Quelt, going to be the one to swap places? Will they stay at the Rodriguez house or the Callahan house? Or is it an entirely unrelated other wizard that will be traveling to Earth???

I’m jumping ahead of myself, but it’s hard not to with this the second half of this chapter. There’s a ton of information packed in here, all of it a hint to what might come in the book. Duane is still heavily pushing the weirdness of the Rodriguez household through the narrative, which makes me wonder if that’s the answer to my question. Perhaps that family is better suited to hosting an alien than Harry and Dairine are. However, perhaps that is another plot that I simply haven’t picked up on. Still, I’m a huge fan of the low-level conflict in the Rodriguez family because it’s so refreshing to read a YA series with kids who have great relationships with their parents. I know, I know, not the first time I’ve mentioned this, but it bears repeating here, given how funny and sweet this whole chapter is. Carmela and Kit get on each other’s nerves, but it’s not cruel. Indeed, the whole family makes a sport of poking fun at Kit, yet it’s never for the sake of being mean. Hell, even the negotiation between Kit and his mom is layered, fair, and funny. There’s a whole lot of love in these characters, and it shows in the text.

Plus, Duane’s gotta know that the reader is expecting some sort of complication once Nita and Kit make it to Alaalu. There aren’t any explicit clues that I was able to pick up on during Kit’s “orientation” in his room. We now know how he and Nita will be able to travel to the distant planet without expending energy; we learn how they’ll be able to pack things and “bring” them with them on the trip; and there’s a lovely passage that introduces the family that the both of them will stay with. LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT. Because oh my GOD, I can’t wait to meet the Peliaen family for the first time. They’re humanoid, but given the geographical descriptions of their home, I am eager to see what kind of life that they live:

The family lives in a typical rural dwelling by the shore of the Inner Sea, twenty [kilometers] from the nearest large population aggregate…

So, a beach… I think??? That might be the closest comparison we have but WHAT IF IT’S NOT WATER or WHAT IF THERE IS NO SAND or WHAT IF IT IS LIKE THAT AWESOME BEACH IN BRIGHTON WHERE IT’S ALL SMOOTH STONES THAT ARE LOUD AS HELL WHEN THE TIDE RUNS OVER THEM. Plus, this sounds more rural in nature. Will Kit and Nita get to visit the “large population aggregate” and experience what city life is like on this planet? If there’s only one wizard on the whole planet, I don’t imagine it’ll be easy to explain two humans walking around, so how will they deal with that?

Clearly, I have a ton of questions, and I can’t wait for Duane to show me what she’s got. BRING IT.

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