Mark Predicts ‘A Wizard Alone’

The title of my sixth Young Wizards book is very daunting. I AM SCARED.

Before I venture forward, let’s revisit my predictions for the last book:

  1. I think we’ll see Ronan again. We have to! UNRESOLVED CHARACTER STORIES. WHERE IS RONAN.
  2. The entire book will take place in the United States. Okay, counting the universe Kit created, I vote this as technically wrong.
  3. However, Nita and Kit will travel outside New York. The Jones Inlet does not count, does it?
  4. The Powers That Be will assign Dairine to the same task as Kit and Nita. Ah, this is wrong, too!
  5. The three of them will face an antagonist that is NOT the Lone Power. WHY HAVE I BEEN SO WRONG ALL THE TIME
  6. (I don’t care, I’m running with this.) RUN AWAY, YOU’RE NOT VERY GOOD AT THIS ONE
  7. We’ll meet a new wizard who lives near all of them! Okay, I still want this.
  8. AN UPDATE ON THE TREE CONFLICT. I TOTALLY WANT ONE. Also required at some point. 
  9. Tom and Carl will have a new pet. Not that Picchu is replaceable, of course, but Picchu is totally replaceable. I MISS PICCHU. I have a prediction about these two, though.
  10. So, what’s the wizard’s dilemma? I think there will be a few. THERE TOTALLY WERE. 
  11. However, that’s not a fair prediction. Thus, I think that Nita will struggle with a choice that will have a positive affect on the world, but will fundamentally go against the laws that govern wizardry. Does she risk giving up being a wizard or does she save the world? That sort of thing. LOOK AT HOW FUCKING CLOSE I GOT. I love that I failed so hard at these predictions, then KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK AT THE END.
  12. I’m probably wrong, aren’t I? Like, 90% wrong, but THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

Okay, so. A Wizard Alone.

Predictions for A Wizard Alone

  1. The title refers to Nita.
  2. I think Nita’s mother will die in this book, thus leaving her “alone.”
  3. The book will alternate between the POV of Kit, Dairine, and Nita.
  4. Tom and Carl will play a much larger part in this book, supporting Nita.
  5. So will Nita’s father.
  6. Dairine’s powers will level out in this book.
  7. Kit’s errantry will BE Nita. Or at least helping her.
  8. I am going to be destroyed by this book.
  9. The weird universe-creating place will be mentioned by Kit at least once.
  11. The book takes place in the year following The Wizard’s Dilemma.
  12. It is NOT confined just to New York.
  13. Ronan will be mentioned, but will not appear.
  14. The struggle will ultimately be with the Lone One, but inside Nita this time.



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