Mark Reads ‘High Wizardry’: Chapter 1

In the first chapter of High Wizardry, I AM VERY EXCITED. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Young Wizards. 

I really think that Dairine is going to play a huge part in this book. The first chapter of High Wizardry (HOW DID I ALREADY MAKE IT TO MY THIRD BOOK IN THIS SERIES) contains a number of moments that seem to hint that she’s coming around to being a wizard VERY SOON. That’ll be an interesting story to see whenever it does eventually happen, and here’s why: because Nita already has anxieties about her younger sister outperforming her. I know it seemed like a bit of a joke in the video that I figured out that Diarene knew how to use a Mac computer as well as she did, but it’s evidence that she is brilliant. She thinks on a level that’s atypical for someone who is eleven.

Up to this point, wizardry was something that was hers and Kit’s to share between each other. Yet when Nita realizes that Dairine was probably poking through her wizard’s manual, she has to face the fact that her sister will soon join her world. I don’t see a scenario where Dairine grows as a wizard without Nita and Kit by her side. She dominates the Callahan household, which is a feat in and of itself when you consider that Nita is AN ACTUAL WIZARD. That’s how I interpreted the extended sequence with the new computer. Look how easily Dairine navigates her own family. Part of that is normal excitement for a young kid, of course, and I wouldn’t dare suggest that Dairine’s joy over getting a new computer is weird or anything. But it’s easy for me to project my own experiences with a younger sister onto Dairine.

It’s always interesting to talk to people who are only children because our experiences often vary wildly when it comes to the most basic stuff. I see that dynamic all over this chapter and large parts of the previous book, too. Thus, when Mr. Callahan implores Nita and Kit to take Dairine with them into the city, it’s a possible sign that Dairine might be more involved in what’s to come. Now, I could be completely wrong, but I suspect something is going to happen once they get to Manhattan. Plus, Dairine just traveled by wizardry, and she was completely unbothered by it. Did she actually take the Oath? What was she reading in that manual?

I have another question: Are we ever gonna meet Kit’s parents? I WANT TO KNOW THEM AS WELL. What about his siblings? Will he get to a point where he tells them he’s a wizard, or will he go through life keeping that a secret from them?

One last question: WHY HAVE I NOT LEARNED HOW TO TALK TO DOGS YET. This is the greatest tragedy of our time. I also want each of you to know that in my head, as I re-read the scene with Ponch for this review, he sounded like Dug from Up. I am now deeply disappointed that I did not attempt that voice in the video. What a wasted opportunity.

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