Mark Predicts ‘High Wizardry’

Hello, cousins! I CAN NOW MAKE A YOUNG WIZARDS PREDICTION POST. Come laugh at my ignorance!

So, I didn’t know whether predictions for Deep Wizardry were even possible, but I think it’s safe to say that Kit and Nita are going to go on another adventure. Plus, there’s enough revealed in the last book that makes me comfortable doing a prediction post, so HERE WE ARE.

If you’ve never participated in one of these, there are just a few basic rules you should know about. As is the case with all my posts, please do not spoil me. This means that you should not comment on my predictions in plaintext, nor should you make a tally of what is right and wrong. There will be other people posting their predictions; please respect their unpreparedness and don’t spoil them either. This hasn’t happened in a long time, but please do NOT post fake predictions as if you’ve never read this series.

Participation might be weird for prediction posts, but it’s worth it to see how utterly wrong (or eerily right) I can be. THUS, IT IS TIME FOR ME TO MAKE A FOOL OF MYSELF.

Mark’s Predictions for High Wizardry

  1. Kit and Nita will get assigned a new task.
  2. It will be dangerous.
  3. Their adversary will be the Lone Power.
  4. Tom and Carl will appear again.
  6. The Callahans will ask to see more of their daughter’s wizardry.
  7. Dairine will begin studying to be a wizard, too!!! SHE HAS TO, SHE KNOWS, SHE HAS THE APTITUDE FOR IT.
  8. Dairine and Nita will fight over this.
  9. Kit and Nita will talk about their ~feelings~ for one another at some point in the book.
  10. I’m guessing that the title refers to FLYING. So… they’ll be birds? Or something?
  11. What if it was about marijuana use.
  13. Nita’s bully will make another appearance.
  14. Nita and Kit will have to do wizardry at school.


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