Mark Reads ‘Deep Wizardry’: Chapter 9

In the ninth chapter of Deep Wizardy, I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING, LIFE IS TOO GOOD. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Young Wizards.



I’ll repeat what I said while reading this: it’s realistic that not every creature that these characters came upon would welcome them with open arms. Indeed, Areinnye has a traumatic history behind them as well, and that influences why they behave as they do. When Nita accidentally comes upon her waters, she has no idea that Areinnye has a deep hatred of humans or that she just lost her calf to hunters. That’s not Nita’s fault, nor is it fair to Areinnye to spite Nita, even though they all followed protocol as they should.

But that anger had a different meaning for me. Through this, Duane showed me that different creatures in the ocean had different mindsets towards the world around them. Areinnye is fiercely protective, and maybe that’s to a fault, but I felt I understood her better after reading this chapter. I got why she reacted as she did, and I also wondered what other creatures thought of humans. Did the tuna population despise humans? What about other creatures hunted to near extinction by poachers? HOW DO THEY FEEL ABOUT US?

I’m guessing they feel negativity. A lot of it.

Yet after all of this, Areinnye still consents to participate in the song. That’s the other meaning I got from the scene. These creatures know of the importance of pushing the Lone One as far away from their world as possible. Now, Areinnye is doubtful that this will help her immediate situation with the hunters, but even then? She still agrees to play her part. That sense of duty is powerful in her, at least enough that she is able to temporarily set aside her anger to partake in the ceremony. That’s a big deal to me.

The Truth


Turning, S’reee began to swim back the way they had come, through the now-darkening water.

See, my brain initially interpreted this as… well, I don’t know how to describe it. The water was darkening because of where they were? Something??? It wasn’t until I read that the MOON was out that I realized just how late it was, and I knew that there was no escaping this disaster. None! Nita’s parents were going to be justifiably furious with her, and there was no way she could avoid being disciplined. On top of all of this, the weight of the Song hands heavy on Nita, and it’s just unbearable. How can one person be asked to deal with so much all at once?

So as Kit and Nita slowly made their way back to the house, all I could think of was the inevitable disappointment. Oh, sure, the Callahans would be pissed, but they also were going to have to deal with losing faith in their daughter and her friend. How could they possibly trust her again? How much worse would things get when Nita left the next morning to complete the Song AND WHAT IF SHE NEVER CAME BACK FROM THAT?

Everything is a disaster. You get that sense of impending doom from the way that Duane writes the scene, especially once Kit and Nita enter the living room and her parents are sitting still on the couch. The silence is the worst. Mr. Callahan’s sarcasm is the worst. THIS IS THE WORST:

“Kit,” her father said, “I warn you, I’m in no mood for the whole cover-up-for-each-other business right now. You were entrusted to my care and I want answers. Your parents are going to hear about this in any case – what you say, or don’t say, is going to determine what I tell them. So be advised.”

GREAT, COOL, AWESOME. This can’t go badly, can it? I braced myself for whatever horrible lie that Nita was going to concoct in order to keep the truth away from her parents. How could she possibly explain the last few months? The last few weeks? The last twenty-four hours? It seemed impossible, you know???

“You remember in the spring,” she said, “that day Kit and I went into the city – and that night, the Sun went out?”

Her parents stared at her, still angry, and now slightly perplexed too.

“Well,” Nita said, “we had something to do with that.”


THIS IS THE CRUELEST CHAPTER ENDING OF ALL TIME. Y’all, I am so floored by this story choice. I think it’s brilliant. Exciting. Refreshing. And the potential for future storylines based on this reveal alone… oh my god, I want more. Right now. FOREVER.

How are her parents going to react to this? What will Kit say? Will they have to talk to Kit’s parents, too? What about Diarine? HOW ARE NITA’S PARENTS EVER GOING TO ACCEPT WHAT NITA HAS TO DO FOR THE SONG???? Oh my god, I can’t believe I have to wait any length of time at all before I read the next chapter. 100% unfair, y’all.

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