Mark Finishes ‘Emelan’: Q&A Party

I did manage to do two of these over the past few years, but you know what? Let’s have one last party to finish this off. 

Before I do, it’s only fair that we take a moment to appreciate this modern work of art:

Predictions for Battle Magic

  1. All right, from the title, I’m guessing that the four foster-siblings will be involved in a war of some sort.
  2. It will not happen in Summersea or Winding Circle.
  3. Tris will have flashbacks to the pirate attack in Winding Circle.
  4. Briar, Rosethorn, and Evvy will have flashbacks to their time in Yanjing.
  5. I am already regretting this because what if it isn’t about any of this?
  6. What if other characters aren’t even in this book like the last one?
  7. Like, what if Rosethorn and Evvy aren’t in it because they were in all of Melting Stones?
  8. I want to know more about Rosethorn and Lark, so can that be in this book?
  9. What if my predictions aren’t predictions but just me begging for certain things to be in Battle Magic?
  10. I’d be cool with Daja dating someone new.
  11. I’d love more of Frostpine’s backstory.
  12. I’d also be interested to see if there are any new or returning students at Discipline.
  13. I am a failure at these, and I’m okay with that.

I don’t even need to add line-by-line commentary. As it stands, it is perfect.

Anyway, if you’ve not participated in a Q&A party, consider this your chance to get me to be more detailed about my thoughts on a series. While I try to be detailed in my reviews, I inevitably miss things. Plus, I never do a macro review of any single work; it’s always about the pedantic experience of reading it piece by piece. Now, I get to reflect on it as a whole!

Mind you, you don’t have to stick to questions just about the Emelan series. Feel free to ask about Tortall, or to completely stray from the crowd and bring up ANYTHING YOU WANT. I have cleared my schedule today! Aside from an 11:30pm lunch (THIS WEEK, THEY OPENED A SHAKE SHACK TWENTY GODDAMN MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE, I AM GOING TO BE THERE AS SOON AS IT OPENS), I will be devoting myself to answering questions live as they come in. So don’t worry if you miss it in the early part of my morning! I’ll be refreshing it all day.

Ask away, my friends!

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