Mark Predicts ‘Shatterglass’

I’d like to think I’m somewhat prepared for this. We all know that’s not the case.

First things first:

  1. This will be a Daja book. Huzzah! And thus ends everything correct about this prediction post.
  2. Frostpine will take Daja and Kirel to a part of Emelan that we’ve not seen before. I had to go and add Kirel to this. 
  3. At some point, Daja will be forced to train/mentor a new student as Briar and Sandry had to. Technically, this is wrong because she had to train TWO students. I am allowing myself nothing. 
  4. However, Frostpine will be this kid’s new teacher, not Daja. I tried. 
  5. Daja will develop a crush on a boy at some point. And I failed. Though, to be fair to myself, romance has been a part of Pierce’s novels before, so this wasn’t that absurd of a prediction.
  6. She and Kirel will have an argument about jealousy during the book. Why? Why do I do this to myself?
  7. Daja will save Frostpine’s life, but only AFTER he has saved hers at some point in the story. GOD. I HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING BUT THE FIRST ONE.
  8. There will be cold fire??? I GUESS????? I MEAN, FIRE BURNS IN A COLD PLACE. Okay, I won’t count this one just to be cruel to myself.
  9. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS??? No, you absolutely fucking don’t. 
  10. Daja will interact with a Trader once in the novel. WHAT WAS I THINKING
  11. I AM NOT READY. It still hurts. 

All right, so let me try to be better at this.

  1. This is a Tris book.
  2. We’ll travel to a part of Emelan we haven’t seen.
  3. Tris will have to train a student or students after she discovers their magic.
  4. She will fight a lot with Niko because let’s be real with ourselves, there’s no way that’s not happening.
  5. I think she’ll also use her lightning against someone at least once in the book.
  6. I think Tris’s main story in Shatterglass will deal with her learning to be more patient.
  7. We’ll get at least one new character who has a narrative point of view.
  8. At one point, I will loudly exclaim how fucked up this book and series is.
  9. I’m actually going to stop here because I can recognize that there’s a zero percent chance I’ll get anything right, so I don’t want a disaster of a prediction post.

But let me be honest: this post is probably a disaster.

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