Mark Reads ‘Bloodhound’: Part 14

In the fourteenth part of Bloodhound, Beka and Goodwin gain a new ally, and then they’re even further confused by everything. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Bloodhound.

I’m fully aware of the fact that I just wrote a review wherein I talked about my inability to figure this out, coupled with my intense suspicion of everything. And then ALL OF THIS HAPPENS. I don’t get it. I CAN’T PUT THIS TOGETHER. So let me stumble through this, and you’re welcome to laugh at me because this is all I am good for right now.

So, what I was trying to say in the first video is that I love how Serenity has been turned into someone that Beka and Goodwin can use as a resource in a number of ways. LIKE HER SUPER ASSASSIN WAYS. Zolaika vs Serenity, GO. Because seriously, Serenity just casually reveals that not only were there two spies outside her residence, but she permanently blinded the first one in retribution.

“Everyone knows I am not to be trifled with. The Rogue was a fool to send them.”

She is so UPFRONT about this. It’s clear that both Beka and Goodwin respect her greatly, but not just because of this. Beka agrees not to feed her pigeons on the property so as not to lose Serenity’s good will, and we also know that Goodwin has an affinity for Serenity because of her connection to the temple. But it’s not that simple, of course. They’ve got each other’s backs in one sense, despite that Serenity is very protective of her own interests. But she also reveals her distaste for Pearl Skinner, which fascinates me. THIS IS ALL SO DELICIOUSLY COMPLICATED, Y’ALL.

And really, a good portion of this section deals with Beka and Goodwin trying to sort through the complicated and conflicting facts that they have. Actually, I think if you follow what we know about Pearl, you’ll get a good example of how none of this makes sense. I went from suspecting her of being responsible for the coles to laughing at the idea because it was silly to suspecting her again and then just GIVING UP. That’s the challenge that these two face, since nothing is adding up into one definitive picture of guilt. Clearly, Pearl is up to something. Why would she risk sending two spies to Serenity’s? Why would she then task another person to follow Beka and Goodwin that day? I liked Goodwin’s theory that Pearl still believes that Beka is working for Rosto, and all the descriptions of her lack of common sense support something this simple.

BUT THEN THERE’S THE COLE PASSING. Those are clearly her people passing those red purses between one another, and it’s happened so many times that it cannot be a coincidence. It has to be planned. But does Pearl have the creativity to think of something like this? Fuck it, let’s ignore that because we’ve already established that she’s got advisors, and if she lacks education, she’s got street smarts and a group of people that can help her where she’s flawed. The one thing that still messes me up?

The Rogue would not benefit from passing coles. Honestly, NO ONE DOES. And the more I think about it, I cannot imagine a single scenario where someone benefits from the coles in the long run. In the immediate future? Sure. That makes sense. But why have it so widespread? Why does it seem like someone is intentionally trying to ruin the economy? Because if this keeps getting worse, aren’t merchants from foreign nations going to do exactly what the opal merchant does later in this section? Won’t there be panic and riots and probable wars and CHAOS FOR A VERY LONG TIME? I don’t understand who benefits from this in any sense that isn’t the present. Long term? This hurts everyone.

I don’t get it. THIS ISN’T FAIR.

I did have a good laugh at Beka winking at one of the red purse rushers, though. BLESS HER HEART. This whole part of the book is just so tense, though, and I think that’s in part because it feels like there are more pieces to the puzzle than ever before. I mean, we get a detailed sequence in which a Sirajit merchant clashes with a Corus noble over her refusal to take silver. It felt like foreshadowing for more of the same to come. How many other merchants will listen to her and leave Port Caynn? How much longer can this stay an unspoken problem? Information travels rapidly in a city like this, and I think we’re in for a lot worse in the near future.

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