Mark Reads ‘Deep Secret’: Chapter 8

In the eighth chapter of Deep Secret, Rupert’s world slowly becomes more chaotic. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Deep Secret.

Chapter Eight


  • SERIOUSLY. I’m so thrilled reading this because I have no goddamn clue what’s going on. There are like five mysteries all unfolding at once, I have a 0% readiness rating going on right now, and Rupert is growing on me, too. AND STAN. STAN.
  • The fun thing is seeing all these things that DWJ is setting up in the story that are undeniable: the dissolution of the Empire. What is Intended or not. Ted Mallory. The nodes. -CHESTER. Clearly, Rupert isn’t quite aware how tangled all these fatelines have become, and we still don’t know who Knarros is.
  • At one point, Stan mentions that he’s had to do a few “dirty” jobs as a Magid, and y’all, I need more information on this as soon as possible. I admit that I’m not entirely sure I understand what it is that Magids do. I mean, I get that it’s their job to move worlds (slowly) Ayewards, but then there’s all this stuff with Them Up There and what’s Intended, and I honestly don’t get it. Are there beings or something that have a master plan for the Multiverse that Rupert is supposed to follow? I DON’T UNDERSTAND.
  • One of the moments that made me like Rupert a lot more than before was his demonstration of sympathy for General Dakros. Rupert lands in the midst of a horrible, horrible insurrection in the city, in part spawned by rapid inflation. That’s why I used the word “chaotic” in the intro to this review. It’s meant to reference what Jones conveys throughout this chapter, which is that there are too many forces and variables for Rupert to get a hold on, despite that he might think he’s in control. But once he arrives in a “distant suburb of Iforion,” he sees the true cost of the loss of an Emperor. People are dying in droves, and Dakros, who comprehends the world through his military experience, has been a part of that.
  • And Rupert gets that. He also understands that Dakros is desperate to find Knarros so that he can wash his hands of all of this. That’s why it’s so sad that Rupert realizes all eight potential candidates for Knarros are frauds, too. He knows that Dakros will execute them all, but Dakros reveals that he doesn’t want a part in this either: “I’m only saying this to you, you understand, because I can’t say it to anyone else. I’m sick of this whole thing. I keep wondering why I’m the one who’s been landed with it, and I want it to stop.”
  • Sweet Gandalf, this is grim.
  • Of course, Rupert is endlessly frustrated by the inherent impossibility that Timos IX built into his computer system, too. I love that Rupert wants to defy what is Intended specifically to give Dakros a break, you know? But he can’t. I don’t get it either! I don’t understand why two of the beings on that map appear twice. Is that a clue or a mistake? Who are they?
  • Meanwhile, there’s some good news: Rupert’s fateline manipulating starts working, and it looks as if all the Magid candidates will be at the convention as planned!
  • Hey, LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW SAD IT IS WHEN RUPERT THINKS HE’S LOST STAN. Because seriously, Stan was only “dead” for such a small period of time that Rupert never really bothered to mourn his death. But as soon as Stan goes off to ask permission from Them Up There to leave Rupert’s house, Rupert realizes he may have lost his best friend forever.
  • Look, Rupert, you’re a clever man. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT ANDREW’S FATELINE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT? There are no coincidences in the Multiverse. You should be questioning why he is there more than you are.
  • Also, Andrew cracks me up.
  • I mean, y’all. Stan says this. Out loud: “They’re pretty nervous about you choosing it, as it happens. They say things could blow up in your face if you’re not careful.” OH MY GOD, RUPERT, THINK THIS THROUGH.
  • And then go immediately to Wantchester and make bad decisions for my own amusement because I am so excited for this. 
  • Poor Stan. Stuck in the house, and now confined to Rupert’s car. This is going to be the worst roadtrip of all time.

Please note that the original text contains use of the words “mad” and “lunatics.”

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