Mark Reads ‘Trickster’s Queen’: Epilogue / Prediction Wrap-up

In the epilogue of Trickster’s Queen, Aly looks to her own future. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to finish Trickster’s Queen.


It’s always a strange thing to finish something I’ve spent so much time with, and this series has been so much fun to read. It was fulfilling to read a set of books where most of the characters were people of color and it directly concerned their oppression at the hands of a white majority. This isn’t the first of Tamora Pierce’s novels where the end of the series features a glimpse of life beyond, but this is perhaps the one that feels the most appropriate. One of Aly’s struggles in the Trickster series was her balance between her personal life and her political one. In order to be a spy, she had to put aside her own desires, her romance with Nawat, and many of her own personal issues. So it’s fitting to me that at the end of Trickster’s Queen, Aly begins to contemplate the sort of life she wants.

Granted, that’s still a complicated world. We learn THAT SHE IS PREGNANT OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS ALREADY. she is going to have nestlings CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE HOW 10000% RIDICULOUS NAWAT IS GOING TO BE AS A FATHER? Because there better be fic about this, and droves of it. Anyway, Nawat and Aly have a secret dinner with Aly’s family before they return to Tortall. Initially, I was slightly confused by the line about this being the last time Aly would see Alanna, but I should have put two and two together? Why did Aly and Nawat sneak to their own dinner? This is that complicated world I referenced. The rest of Rajmuat and the rest of Tortall can’t ever learn that Tortall’s spymaster’s daughter is the spymaster for the ruler of the Copper Isles. While Dove and her closest allies and advisors may trust Aly, it’s too much for everyone to deal with.

And yet, Aly is ready to finally start her own family. It’s just after this revelation that Pierce calls back to the beginning of Trickster’s Choice, and I’m reminded just how far Aly has come. Aly used to NOT CARE ABOUT DOING ANYTHING. Her apathy is what drove her from Tortall, and now look what’s become of her. Y’all, that scene where Aly offers her mother her hand in understanding is so devastating to me. They get each other, and it was through this whole ordeal that Aly came to be consumed with passion. She found what she loved to do, and she pursued it. And I love that Aly never knew precisely what she wanted to do, but her experiences helped shape her dream, you know? I think that message is just as important as telling others they should go after their life goals, too. Sometimes, we don’t know what those goals are.

I’m sad to see these characters go, and I have no idea what’s in store for me in those Doggy Books that are coming up next. But y’all, this series was SO WELL-SUITED TO MY INTERESTS. Well, it also embarrassed me more than anything else I’ve ever read for this site, so there’s that. And I’m not quite done with Tortall. But I’m close. I can’t get over how weird that feels to me. How? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

So, before I finish off this book, let’s go over my predictions for Trickster’s Queen.

  • .
  • I’m leaving that one as a period because initially, I just sat here and stared at the empty WordPress page because HOW DO I PREDICT THIS BOOK WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE A FOOL? Truthfully, it’s impossible because this going to be a very complicated narrative, so here goes. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW OH MY GOD. 1/1
  • Sarai is the queen in the prophecy, the one referred to in the title. LOOK HOW WRONG I AM. I STAND FOR EVERYTHING WRONG FOREVER. -1,000,000/2
  • Dove, however, will take a role that is very similar to what Myles or George does for King Jonathan in Tortall. I hesitate to name it because I don’t know what it would be here, since they’d be creating a new government. OH GOD HELP ME. -2,000,000/3
  • Oh, yes, obviously, this all relies on the raka overthrowing luarin rule, so that happens. Oh, wait, I did get this one right! -1,999,999/4
  • Aly will find a way to convince the raka to allow luarin who supported them to stay on the Isles. Not bad! But still… not very good. -1,999,998/5
  • By the end of the book, they’ll discover who Aly is and who her family is in Tortall. Hey! I forgot I predicted this. -1,999,997/6
  • Just because I’m still heartbroken over Mequen and Lokeij, NO ONE SIGNIFICANT DIES IN THIS BOOK BECAUSE I NEED A BREAK. JUST THROW ME OFF A CLIFF INTO THE SEA. -100,000,000
  • By “significant” I mean “people I like” because apparently I’m a child. I’m crying.
  • So, I realize by predicting that Sarai becomes queen, that means Dunevon can’t be king. Gods, I hate typing this, but someone kills Dunevon. It’s the only thing I can think of! And despite getting this right, I was still unprepared. -90,000,000/8
  • Of course, Imajane and Rubinyan will both attempt to take power before Sarai BUT WILL FAIL. Technically? Whatever, I’m counting this. 
  • Ochobu will be endlessly entertaining. I said “endlessly.” Just… I can’t. I refuse to keep score. Negative infinity. Help me. 
  • Aly will go home at the end of the book. I couldn’t even get this right. 
  • Oh god, I’m scared for this book. AS YOU SHOULD BE.

So, just to remind y’all! Tomorrow, I read the short story “Nawat.” Tuesday, I read “The Dragon’s Tale,” and THEN I will start Terrier on Thursday! We will be following this guide in order to split the Provost’s Dog trilogy up. And yes, I will call them the Doggy Books a lot because I’m still a child.

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