Mark Reads ‘The Westing Game’: Chapters 11 / 12

In the eleventh and twelfth chapters of The Westing Game, Theo proposes the sharing of clues, and an explosion startles the heirs. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read The Westing Game.

Chapter Eleven: The Meeting / Chapter Twelve: The First Bomb

I’m still no closer to ANYTHING.

  • WOW, HOLY SHIT, WAY TO STAB ME RIGHT IN THE FEELINGS WITH FLORA BAUMBACH AND HER DAUGHTER. Oh my god, now I know why she tolerates and appreciates Turtle. She appreciates the experience of imagining that she has a daughter once again. Y’all, this book is breaking my brain, and that’s fine, but I am not prepared for it to stomp out my heart, too. It’s made even sadder by Turtle, who is sincere about believing that her mother doesn’t think she’s beautiful, but Flora, who no longer has a daughter anymore, can’t even fathom a mother not thinking their daughter is beautiful.
  • STOP IT.
  • So why Alice? If that’s not Turtle’s real name, why did she say that? Who is Alice Wexler?
  • Someone is clearly stealing shit from everyone. That’s the fourth such notice, yes?
  • I’m also going to say that the whole Ford = 4D thing is a red herring. I realize I’m risking public embarrassment, but I don’t think simple wordplay of the names is that important.
  • So, Theo’s right. I’m claiming that, too. I think they have to combine their clues, and I’m still sticking to my “America The Beautiful” theory. However, there are still too many issues for these people to get over before they can agree to do that, like Mr. Hoo and George Theodorakis hating each other, or Grace’s endless bigotry, or Sydelle’s…. everything. Wow. I don’t even know where to start. So I’m curious to know if someone is deliberately trying to keep these people from sharing anything. I don’t think Mr. Hoo stole Sydelle’s notepad, but they did plant it in his restaurant so that regardless of the truth, people would be suspicious of him. I think that the “bomb” in the coffee shop serves the same purpose. It’s to cause chaos, to make these people mistrust one another even more than they already did.
  • And now Sydelle reveals that she speaks Polish. I admit that caught me by surprise.
  • Bravo to Judge Ford, who just stalled the clue-swapping so she could learn more about the other heirs from the newspaperman. That was smooth!
  • I am also sticking to my theory that the “bomb” was actually caused by firecrackers from the Westing house. Purple sparks… come on! That has to be it.
  • CAN WE TALK ABOUT TURTLE’S AMAZING SENSE OF OBSERVATION. That whole scene where she demands her newspaper back is great due to her statement that “Grown-ups are so obvious.” She then accurately states that Angela doesn’t want to marry the intern and that SYDELLE IS USING A CRUTCH TO GET ATTENTION.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Judge Ford also finds out that Theo’s father, George, knew the Westings. DUN DUN DUN. He apparently knew them well enough to be Violet Westing’s escort to a party. THE PLOT THICKENS.
  • I’m furious with the cliffhanger here because WHO IS THE SNOWBOUND PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR? Oh my god, this book is so unfair.

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

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