Hello, Discworld fandom! I need some help

If you’ve not heard, I will be starting a long, long, LONG journey on March 12th, in which I will attempt to read every Discworld book in publication order. Yes, all of them. And in order to do so, I’ll need some help from the fandom at large. SOUND THE ALARM!

As I’m sure some of you know, there is a challenge in adapting the Discworld books to the Mark Reads format: Mr. Terry Pratchett doesn’t use chapters. OH NO HOWEVER WILL I DO THIS? Well, we’ve already run into that problem before, and the Queen Tammy fandom helped rectify it! (I highly suggest checking out that guide at the link to use as reference as you delve into the Discworld books.)

So! I have a few moderators who are Discworld fans who will be looking at the comments and can ferry along concerns to me. We don’t need all forty-something books completed by March 12th, but at least the first few need to be divided up so I can schedule them out! Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

1) I can read about 20 pages, give or take, in a half hour commission. It’s okay if a section is under this. And it’s even okay, for the sake of flow or drama, to make it longer than this. Please note how many pages a section is once you’ve divided it up.

2) If you are going to commission a section, please make sure to note whether or not you need to purchase extra time, and do not ignore it. I have to schedule my days around how long I’ll need to take to complete a commission, and it’s become really hard to do so lately when someone buys a single commission and then the chapter ends up being like 10,000 words. This will make things easier for me, and will prevent any confusion later.

3) Do not make the end point in the middle of a paragraph or cliffhanger me mid-sentence. I’ll run the risk of not knowing I’ve reached the end of a section, and it’s needlessly cruel. Please use good taste and figure out where a natural break is.

4) I will not be reading the comments here, so you do not need to use rot13. Once the final splits are handed off to me, I’ll have my beginning and ending sentences rot13’d for me, but otherwise, talk spoilers as much as you want.

5) Anyone with a blue bar is a moderator. Please listen to them. They aren’t bossing you around for the sake of it. Treat them as you would if I were speaking to you, and please respect that they are volunteers in this community who are trying to make this a lovely place.

Okay! Once each book in the series is done, I will add them to a master list of Discworld splits like I did with Tamora Pierce’s Doggy Books. We’ll just keep adding more as each book is split up!

Thank y’all so much for this, and I’m really excited that I finally get to discover why so many people like this series.

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