Mark Reads ‘Untold’: Chapter 26

In the twenty-sixth chapter of Untold, Kami reels from her decision to be a source. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Untold.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Cruel Bonds

It’s a testament to these characters that while Ash is an incredibly likable character, this still feels so fucking wrong. I think it’s important to note that Kami’s link with Jared was one that allowed her to bond and grow with Jared over a significant length of time, and they did so in a way that made them friends. I mean, all of the horrible drama between them was birthed in the moment they realized they were real people, and I think Unspoken does a tremendous job showing us why this connection could be very damaging to anyone. So imagine what this would feel like when two people linked one another this way in the heat of a battle, done so out of severe desperation and fear, and it’s easy to see why Kami has such a visceral and painful reaction to her connection to Ash.

Ash’s reaction, though, is based mostly on his extreme disappointment. Because Jared’s experience with Kami was, for the majority of the time, a rewarding experience, he contributed to Ash expecting something that he did not get:

Jared didn’t say it would be like this, Ash told her, outrage and anger and betrayal that wasn’t hers in her head like an invading army. The way he talked about it, it was different. I don’t want this!

I think that’s the most upsetting part about this. These two do not want to be linked at all as soon as they are. Again, desperation plays a huge part in this. It’s why Ash can’t use his magic at first. They made this choice in a moment of panic, and that means Ash is completely unprepared to deal with the ramifications of Kami being a source. He doesn’t know how to access is newfound power or utilize magic in a way that can turn the tide in their favor. So it’s absolutely amazing to me that Kami is the one who is able to guide and help Ash. Y’all, she is so incredible. This is one of the scariest moments of her life, and yet, she’s able to temporarily push her fear aside so that she can assist Ash. It’s not lost on me that the magic that he creates is light, a visual form of purity and hope that shocks all the sorcerers in the square.

Rob is probably the most shocked and displeased, and I just really hate him a lot? Like, a lot. A WHOLE BUNCH. I DON’T LIKE HIM AT ALL. I hate the standards he holds Ash to, and I hate that he values his own power OVER THE LIFE OF HIS SON. Like, here is an irredeemable villain at the center of this crisis, and there’s not a thing left to turn him to the “good” side, and that is what is so terrifying about him. He slashes his son with magic, nearly killing him, while Ash and Kami hesitate to even stun the people who are attacking them. That’s an important distinction; note that Rob doesn’t pause before hurting his son and Jared, but Kami and Ash are reluctant to harm Mrs. Prescott and Rob, despite that they have every justification to do so. Ugh these characters are too much.

Kami is ENTIRELY too much because SHE HEALS JARED. SHE CAN HEAL WITH HER MAGIC. HOLY SHIT, Y’ALL, DO YOU REALIZE WHAT A HUGE THING THIS IS. It’s literally the only thing here to be happy about aside from the fact that all the main characters aren’t dead. Because this chapter is extremely grim. It’s so sad to me that Lillian has to admit that Rob is the one with the power. I admit that I never expected Rob to just walk away from the fight because he knows he doesn’t need to destroy these people. After this display of power, they’ll just come to his side, won’t they? However, Lillian has something planned, and I do love the fact that she’s not exactly read to give up But it’s six sorcerers against – what? Thirty? How? How is she going to do this?

And how is Kami going to deal with her connection to Ash? Is she going to keep it? Oh my god, HOW IS JARED GOING TO REACT WHEN HE FINDS OUT? I’M SCARED, Y’ALL. I’M SCARED.

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