Mark Reads ‘Untold’: Chapter 20

In the twentieth chapter of Untold, THE THING FINALLY HAPPENED OH MY GOD. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Untold.

Chapter Twenty: My Own, My Only


But other things happened, too, and they deserve to be discussed. Like, for instance:

Ash’s Request


“The way Jared talked about having a source,” Ash said softly, “it sound nice. Never being lonely again. Having someone to support you.”

Yes, it sounds nice in theory and it’s a nice idea and it wasn’t until the exact moment where Kami figured out what was happening that I figured out what was happening. No, Ash wasn’t going to suggest that Kami reform the link with Jared. Oh, no, that would be easier to deal with. NOPE.

“You don’t understand what I’m asking you,” he murmured. “It has nothing to do with Jared. He is not the only sorcerer in Aurimere.”

“What–“ Kami began, but before she could form the question properly in her mind, he had answered.

Ash. Ash. ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT THIS. IS THIS A SERIOUS QUESTION YOU ARE ASKING. But of course it is, and of course Ash, of all people, is going to be sincere and genuine about something like this. I had to remember that this kid is constantly seeking validation, attention, and companionship, and that’s not a bad thing. He’s been dealt a difficult hand in life, and I deeply empathize with this sort of struggle. Hell, I’d say that I’m still seeking constant validation and attention because of what happened to me as a teenager. So I’m not approaching this as a character criticism. I understand why Ash presents this option as a rational, reasonable decision on his part and why he believes that he’ll have no problem being a respectful sorcerer to Kami if she were his source.

Now, I will agree with Kami on this:

“Kami,” he said, “I know what I’m asking for.”

“Ash,” she whispered, “you have no idea.”

This is so great because it’s a deliberate way not to romanticize what Kami and Jared went through. To Ash, the link sounds appealing because he’s lonely, but I think he selectively chose what to hear when Jared was explaining what the experience was like. He heard that Jared had never felt loneliness, and he immediately wanted a source. However, he missed everything else. The pain, the darkness, the lack of privacy. Jared never elaborated on what it was like to know your link in person, either, and that is another aspect to this that contributed to the painful experiences both Jared and Kami had once they were severed from one another. It’s a form of dependence that, ultimately, neither of them really feel that comfortable with. Granted, they both still desire one another – CLEARLY IN THE CASE OF THE LATER SCENES – but their desire isn’t the same as Ash’s desire.

Poor guy. I still feel really bad about him.

Jared + Kami = K I S S I N G

I certainly will celebrate these two finally getting their misunderstanding out in the open and destroying it because F I N A L L Y. This whole time, I never once guessed that Jared believed that Kami wished he were Ash. And yet, I got so close to figuring it out. I even commented that in a lot of ways, Ash represented how Kami wished Jared would act towards her. AND APPARENTLY JARED BELIEVE THAT KAMI WANTED THAT, TOO.

The kiss – at least the first one – is an explosive, erotic moment, one that’s charged by the complicated history that these two have. They are both fulfilling a desire they’ve had for one another that has, more or less, gone unspoken for years. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE.) And even though they recognize this, Jared still asks an important question:

“Are you okay, is this all right?” he said in a whispered rush.

YES. YES. Good job.

“I’m glad you asked, though,” she said. “Asking’s sexy.”

Ugh, an actual consent narrative in a book like this? YOU SPOIL US, SARAH REES BRENNAN.

I admit that while I maintained a firm platonic desire for Kami/Jared, this romantic edge to their relationship doesn’t bother me. It feels like the natural development for them, and it’s exciting. I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off of the story, and the possibilities are ridiculous. Some of them are sad, as I am certain that Ash will take this the worst out of everyone here. Kami’s mother – if they ever decide to speak again – isn’t going to be terribly happy that her daughter has developed feelings for a Lynburn. And I’m sure that Lillian will be disgusted more than she’s ever been with Kami because… well, it’s Lillian Lynburn. It’s what she does: believes she is better than everyone else.

But I’m also hoping that this relieves a lot of the painful, awkward tension in the story. I’m hoping that Angela and Holly have figured out their own issues, too, and I hope that this renewed sense of possibility invigorates the rest of the group to tackle Rob Lynburn head on. However, I must also acknowledge that I’m waist-deep in a Sarah Rees Brennan book. I can’t get too happy. Oh, no, that would be very bad.

Please note that the original text and the video contains the word “crazy.”

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