Mark Reads ‘Untold’: Chapter 14

In the fourteenth chapter of Untold, Kami and Ash go on a mission to discover the identity of more sorcerers. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Untold.

Chapter Fourteen: Call upon My Soul Within the House

You know, I have spewed forth many feelings about Untold throughout all of this, but y’all, this is just fun. It’s a fun book that’s part gothic horror, part detective novel, and part Kami having the best things to say all of the time. And you know, I’m sure there are people who feel like Kami is a bit too witty, but you know what? I have terrible problems with my own self-esteem, even now, and I use my own wit and sense of humor to cover for that. It’s a way to boost how I feel about myself, and yeah, I admit that it’s also a form of overcompensation. So I get if people don’t think this is their style of humor, but I don’t buy the notion that teenagers, particularly ones who are as ostracized and hurt as Kami is throughout these books, cannot be funny and witty when they talk. Many of the (very few) close friends I had in high school, who were also routinely bullied and marginalized, were some of the funniest people I’ve ever known. Humor is often a safe place to go, you know? So I love that Kami still keeps this sense of adventure and joy around, despite that this really is all doom and gloom.

I mean, Kami still considers her jaunt over to Monkshood Abbey with Ash to be an adventure, despite that what they learn there is REALLY FUCKING DISTURBING. Plus, she goes on this journey after spending an uncomfortable night with her younger brothers, who all stay in her room due to their parents’ arguing. It’s so gut-wrenching to me that Kami is going through this and still trying to project the image that she’s okay to the rest of the world. I know what this is like, particularly that heartbreaking realization that your own family is not immune to breaking apart. It’s a tough thing to go through, and I know that I experienced a great difficulty in concentrating on any other part of my life during the really bad days at home. Kami, however, is resilient, and I love it so much. It’s empowering to read, and I think I would have found her character to be inspiring had I had this book fifteen years ago. Well, okay, not that she’s not inspiring now, but in the context of my own struggles, I think I could have used someone like Kami Glass in my life. (Why is it that I’m discovering all my childhood heroes as an adult? It’s kinda awesome.)

I love that she’s just ready to go. She’s far more courageous than Ash once they’re at Monkshood, and she’s the first to climb into the house without a moment’s hesitation. Granted, I get why Ash is more afraid. He is justifiably terrified of his father in a way that Kami can’t quite understand. She’s not that aware of the pressure Rob has put on Ash for most of his life, so I don’t want to forget that. And that’s why what Ash and Kami overhear is so creepy. You know, I don’t trust Rob, and as much as he says that he doesn’t want anything to happen to the Lynburns, I am not ready to believe that he means this. I think that if he had discovered Kami hiding in that room, he wouldn’t not have been as merciful as Rosalind was. (And why was she so forgiving??? I still don’t get that. )

Now we also know that the Lynburns are going to train a bunch of the kids in preparation for whatever horrible public battle they’re planning on having against Lillian. I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t trust his good intentions for the Lynburns. He is determined to publicly crush Lillian, just as she is eager to do the same to him. This is about putting people in their place in as public a manner as possible. Lillian wants the same end for Rob, as we learn once Ash and Kami return to Aurimere. So it makes sense that Lillian still wants Kami to remain out of her affairs. Granted, it’s absurd and rude for her to claim that this is none of Kami’s business, but I do understand why she’s so crude. Attacking Monkshood in secret wouldn’t work for Lillian, not because it wouldn’t eliminate Rob. I’m sure if they planned it right, an ambush could wipe them all out. No, Lillian needs the public spectacle. So how is she going to pull that off? As far as we know, Lillian doesn’t have any other sorcerers who will be assisting her. We already know that she’s perfectly fine with the town deferring to her in the battle against Rob. So what’s her plan? I do believe her when she says she is the strongest sorcerer, but is that going to be enough?

There is also a lot of teenage Lynburn angst in this chapter, initially more positive than usual when Kami and Ash share an adorable dance together. I can’t help but shake the idea that Jared is bitter and jealous of the burgeoning friendship between Ash and his former best friend, but, like Kami, I don’t get what sort of headspace he is in anymore. He alternates between extreme apathy and this very outward desire to be a part of Kami’s life. He’s hurt by the image of Ash and Kami dancing, but after Kami leaves the Aurimere house, he makes it seem like he wants to be with her, even if it is just for a moment. I’m wondering if there is some sort of secret that Jared is hiding from Kami (and the reader, for that matter) that would explain his behavior beyond the idea that he’s just confused and angry. I don’t need some big plot twist to explain Jared, but I think that there’s more going on with him than meets the eye. That’s twice now that he’s vocalized his desire to be on Kami’s side, but does it mean something else?

I can’t figure it out. Yet.

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