Mark Reads ‘John Dies at the End’: Chapter 7

In the seventh chapter of John Dies at the End, I seriously missed so much shit in the last chapter. And the whole book. And everything. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read John Dies At The End.

Chapter Seven: Arnie Thinks David Is Full of Shit

BECAUSE WHY WOULDN’T YOU? If someone sat you down and told you this shit, just as it appears here, would you believe it? It’s nice, then, that this story openly addresses this. On top of this, the book does something else I haven’t experienced in a long time: IT GIVES US AN UNRELIABLE NARRATOR. If the text of the chapters from the perspective of David is exactly what he told Arnie, then there’s no way to tell which things were real and which were hyperbolic inventions. It’s frustrating on the one hand because what did I just read? But it’s realistic in terms of how David tells stories. It explains why he’s so over-the-top as he relates this tale to Arnie. I don’t have reason to believe that the main facts of the story are false; it seems like David may have made up the smaller details. Or misremembered them. (That makes me want to go back with a fine-tooth comb and see what inconsistencies are in the narrative. Oh god, that means David Wong had to purposely write mistakes into his own book.)

I also totally missed the fact that this black gunk made people disappear. That’s why that man screamed, “Becky!” Oh shit, what else changed? This makes me want to re-read the last six chapters over again to see if there’s a reference to a character that only briefly appears and never shows up again. Ugh, what a disturbing idea. So… how come this doesn’t happen with people who take soy sauce? I’m still not sure of the differentiation between soy sauce and these creatures. They’re both alive, but one appears to be more of a conduit than anything else.

“You gotta understand… Vegas was just the beginning.”

What the fuck? There’s more??? Of course there is. And I bet it’s only going to get worse.

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