Mark Reads ‘Blackout’: Chapter 41

In the forty-first chapter of Blackout, THEY DID THE THING. THEY DID THE THING. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Blackout.

Chapter Forty-One

There are a few important points that Mira Grant makes in this chapter that ground what happens here in reality. First of all, I suggest watching today’s video for my sudden realization that it was entirely possible that someone else might die. Just because Becks died does not mean that some sort of unspoken quota was met. The CDC could have easily tracked the motorcade and done something to take these people out.

But that’s not the story, is it?

Mahir’s conversation is just… my god, I totally get why he’s thankful that he stayed behind in Seattle, and then I also got the sense that he must feel weird that people die when he’s not around. Seriously! And now Becks is gone, Georgia is talking about this being their “last story,” and what the fuck is going on? But I have hope that Mahir might get the chance to go home. He might be able to see his wife again. Granted, she probably isn’t going to welcome him back with open arms, but the hope is enough to get me through this. It’s all I really have at this point! Where else can this story go? What will this do for the future?

And was this all really worth it? For Alaric, it wasn’t. His parents are dead. Becks is dead. So it’s necessary for someone to state this. On a personal level, how is any of this worth it? At this point in the chapter, the truth hasn’t been broadcasted. These people have no idea what’s going to happen once they do. But Alaric doesn’t care. Even if the future is better for the coming generations, what does that matter to him? After experiencing so much loss and heartbreak, I don’t blame him for thinking this isn’t worth it.

So I genuinely didn’t expect that this book would give me a transcript of the video that After the End Times released. And holy shit, IT’S HUGE. THIS IS SUCH A HUGE MOMENT. In as little time as possible, Georgia and President Ryman explain how the world has been taken advantage of by the CDC. It’s interesting to see what the team chose to release, especially when Georgia admits that they’re holding back info until the EIS can figure out how to safely do so. I wonder what problems that is going to create, but with so little of this book left, I don’t know if we’ll ever find out. Instead, IT HAS HAPPENED. THEY’VE DONE IT. Georgia told the world that she was cloned, that the CDC has been illegally cloning people for years, that they’ve done so to create someone to lie for them, that they’ve been killing people with reservoir conditions because it means they can’t control Kellis-Amberlee.

AND THEN PRESIDENT RYMAN OPENLY ADMITS THAT HE HAS BEEN BEHIND A LOT OF THIS. Granted, he was blackmailed, but he makes it a point to say that this does not absolve him of the guilt of sending millions of people to their deaths. Oh my god, I’d love an entire book from Ryman’s perspective. WOULDN’T THAT BE GREAT? IT WOULD BE GREAT.

So how is this going to end? How? There’s only one chapter left. Holy shit, y’all, I’m so unprepared.

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