Mark Reads ‘The Shoebox Project’: Chapters 8 & 9

Hello, friends! I apologize for missing two days of Shoebox Project videoblogging. A combination of travel time and SUPER OVERWHELMED BY WRITING prevented me from making the requisite time of the day to get in front of a computer and reading. I wanted to quash any fears that I’d stopped doing this. NOTHING SHORT OF THE APOCALYPSE SHALL STOP ME. I just needed to put this aside while I worked on all of the Mark Plays reviews and did some much-needed site stuff that I’d been ignoring.

I’ll be resuming The Shoebox Project on Monday with chapter ten. OH GOSH. How can anything be greater than chapter nine? I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT!

I missed a lot of posts here on Mark Reads. (Can you tell I’ve been busy? OMG.) So I wanted to provide a space to discuss these videos, flail over Dog!Sirius, and generally feel good about the best fanfic I have ever read. For real.

Here are the videos I haven’t posted on this site yet.

Chapter 8

Part 4

Chapter 9

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

I’ll do my best to make sure a discussion post goes up every weekday at 12pm PDT. If you don’t see one, all videos go to this playlist automatically, so you can always check there!

Thank you all for watching along! If you can, please let others know I’m doing this project! A lot of people from the Mark Reads Harry Potter days were eager for me to get to this, but have no clue I started it. Party ALL THE TIME.


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