This has never happened in the history of Mark Reads videos, so I thought I would make a post so y’all could experience JOY.

A few weeks ago, Atalanta, a Mark Does Stuff community member, commissioned a video from me to her friend Thebes, who shares a birthday with her on October 6th. She wanted me to read chapter 6 of Junji Ito’s Uzumaki, so she ordered the manga and sent it to me.

I made this video!

Just a week or two after Atalanta commissioned me, Thebes sent me an email for the same thing: they wanted me to do a video reading for Atalanta’s birthday. So I have sat on these two video projects for WEEKS, cackling to myself because THEY HAD NO IDEA I WAS MAKING A VIDEO FOR EACH OTHER LIKE THIS.

Here’s my reading of “50 Things I Will Not Do At Hogwarts”

I want to wish both of these fabulous people a very Happy Birthday. You rule!

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