Mark Reads ‘The Shoebox Project’

So, if you have been following me on Twitter or YouTube, the secret’s already out. But starting today, I am going to work my way through The Shoebox Project, something I promised over a year ago at LeakyCon 2011. And I’m doing it in a new way, too. PARTY TIME.

I’ve been toying with doing an entire book or series through YouTube for a while now, especially since I have so much fun reading things aloud. So, now that I’m caught up with all of my Mark Reads videos, I thought it would be fun to read The Shoebox Project every weekday! New videos will all be located in this playlist so you can easily find them and progress through them in order, and I will post a new video every weekday at 12pm PST until I’ve made it through all 20-odd chapters.

Right now, there are a few folks who have claimed certain chapters to be read on video. You can find those claims at the bottom of this page of my store. If you’d like to claim a chapter, feel free! But I also don’t want to make this series dependent on folks buying Mark Reads videos, so I’m still going to read through regardless!

Here’s a question for you: would y’all like a daily or a weekly post to discuss these videos? I’m cool with either of them. Just let me know!


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