Hello, all! Some bad news, then some good news!

I like to end on a happy note, so let’s start off with the bad news:

I have been planning on reading four supplementary issues/collections of related Sandman material, including two Death stories and two more Sandman books. It was going to be awesome! But while I was away camping/hiking the first weekend of August, a package containing The High Cost of Living, Endless Nights, and The Dream Hunter was stolen from either the area where packages are left inside my gated apartment complex OR from outside my apartment itself. Normally, I’d just buy more and chalk it up to bad luck, but as of the time I’m writing this (August 8th, OH MY GOD THE PAST), I am about to leave to Chicago for LeakyCon and I just can’t afford to drop more money on books. All three of the comic places I frequent in the East Bay and San Francisco are also out of all three of these comics.

So, I am unfortunately going to have to delay me reviewing these, but not by much. The wonderful SpectralBovine is lending me his copies!!!! You will still get reviews of all of them. Like the Legend of Korra posts on Mark Watches, they WILL NOT take the place of other regularly scheduled reviews. You’ll just get two posts in one day. I will delay these posts for ONE WEEK. That means the first review of The High Cost of Living will go up on August 23rd. Please check the Master Schedule for the new order!

Here’s the good news: tomorrow, I will have a surprise one-off review I’ve been meaning to complete for a while. No, I will not tell you what it is. 🙂 (Unless you subscribe to my newsletter. Those folks already know!)

On Monday, August 20th, we will be starting the next project on this site: Mark Reads Good Omens. The Master Schedule is updated with the breakdown for how posts will be split up so that you can follow along, especially since Good Omens does not have traditional chapters. This book has easily been the most-requested non-series book for Mark Reads, and I am ecstatic to finally introduce myself to Terry Pratchett’s writing.

It will take 10 posts to cover Good Omens, so that means that on August 27th, I will start the Newsflesh trilogy and the Song of the Lionness quartet. Like I do with Angel and Buffy on Mark Watches, posts will alternate between the two series. This way, I can cover two distinctly different things at the same time and y’all don’t have to wait forever for me to get to some other stuff. As always, check the Master Schedule for the OFFICIAL order of posts.

Thank you all for understanding! I am very excited to start new things around here. YAY!

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  1. Sorrows Solace says:

    You’re going to start reading Tamora Pierce?! That is so Exciting! I can’t wait for the supplementary stuff either 😀

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