Mark Reads ‘The Sandman’: 9×04 – Part Four

In the sixtieth issue of The Sandman, Hippolyta seeks out revenge while Dream brings a being back into existence. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read The Sandman.

“Part Four”

Well, I’d completely forgotten about Remiel and Duma. So what’s going on in Hell that’s so bad they needed to seek out Lucifer? Actually, it seems like Remiel was far more concerned with “the Dream King situation” than with Hell, so now I’m just lost. What the fuck can these other beings see that Dream can’t? Or is it possible that Morpheus is doing what he’s doing because he is aware of what’s going to happen to him?

Admittedly, I felt a bit lost during this issue. Hippolyta’s story was a tad confusing because I didn’t quite understand where she was. Just when I thought she was wandering through some realm, the next panel would cut to a dingy image of her sitting in an alley. Is this in her mind? Who are all these characters that she meets along the way as she seeks out the three Furies? (Note: I typed that as “Furries” four times in a row. That would be a completely different book.) All of them are stuck in this realm/world/place because they have some sort of mission to achieve. Well, I suppose “mission” isn’t quite the right word. They all have a sorrow they are looking to rectify or avenge, and each being’s story feels like it’s part of a fairy tale. So is this the realm that the Furies live in? Is there another Endless-like being that deals with revenge?

I recognized Steno and Euryale as the Gorgons, and I knew the third sister they spoke of was Medusa. So, the only thing I can guess is that perhaps Hippolyta is going to become the third mortal sister of the Gorgons? Is that what role Geryon is going to play? Hippolyta takes an apple from his tree, so… bah, I don’t know! It’s possible, I suppose, and it makes me wonder if this will be the way that she gets revenge on Dream. Can Dream even turn to stone? Oh god, SO MANY QUESTIONS.

There’s a brief break from this story in the middle that’s kind of important, and it concerns Carla and Rose Walker. I get the sense that all the characters we’re seeing in this volume are restless in some way or another, and that’s certainly apparent here. Carla is worried about Hippolyta, and Rose is consumed with guilt for falling asleep while Daniel was kidnapped. For me, it’s related to the “storm” that we see later in this issue in Dream’s realm. Something is making the world feel just slightly off, as if everything has slipped from the track it’s supposed to be on. How are these characters connected, then? Why is there so much unease in the pages of this volume? It’s unsettling, and I don’t like it.

But you know, it might be Dream who unsettles me the most. I’m now convinced that he knows something about what is going on. Do I know what that is? Nope. But he’s too calm. He’s too intentional. He is too matter-of-fact when he tells Matthew that he must remember that the weather in the Dream realm isn’t always controlled by him; it can work the other way around. (Also, I seriously love that Dream walks up behind Mervyn as Mervyn is talking shit on him again. YES.) So if Dream is an aspect of this realm, what does the storm mean? Is it aware of what’s happening?

And my god, WHY DID YOU RE-CREATE THE CORINTHIAN??? You did this on purpose, and I can’t figure out why. Is this so you can fight back? WHAT DO YOU KNOW, DREAM? WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

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