Mark Reads Bad Fic #3 / Mark Tells Stories #2


First of all, I apologize for the delay on my next video. As luck would have it, I would be struck down by a brutal cold just three weeks before the AIDS ride. I’m scrambling to fit some training rides so I’m not completely ruined by the ride, but I am going to get stuff done FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION.

Let’s start off first with the third Mark Reads Bad Fic. I was supposed to read Sandra Hill’s Rough & Ready, but alas, my Kindle file was corrupted. I was strapped for time, so I busted out a surprise. This book is very real, my friends.

Yep. So here’s Mark Reads The Haunted Vagina.

Yeah. I regret everything.

I’m still going to read Rough & Ready, and I am making a fourth video tomorrow for 50 Shades of Grey and I hate all of you for making me read that book. BUT IT’S FOR CHARITY SO EVERYONE WINS.

On that note, PLEASE DONATE TO MY BROTHER’S FUND. He still needs quite a bit of money in order to even ride, so ANY LITTLE BIT HELPS. I will continue to make videos for every $1,000 level reached! (I also have something in the works to continue doing this beyond the AIDS ride. I LOVE YOU ALL.)

Secondly, the next volume of MARK TELLS STORIES is out!!!

OH MY GOD EXCITE. This short story, about a disastrous daily race from my childhood, was written as a cheer-you-up gift to my lovely friend Sara. It is available for only ONE DOLLAR ($1) OH MY GOD. I had difficulties with my site last time, so that link above goes to the page where all my short stories will live. They will always be a $1 because that’s inexpensive and why charge a lot? Even better, you’ll have ANOTHER story next week that no one aside from my editors has ever seen. EXCITE.

As usual, all of my eBooks are on sale on for $3.99 or less. You can buy physical books in my Lulu storefront. If you are ever feeling charitable and would like to keep the Mark Does Stuff online empire running, the PayPal button in the right sidebar is live and running. Thank you to the many folks who have donated already! This month’s hosting is all paid for. THANK YOU!!!

OKAY, back to working on the next MRHP book, which comes out next month. THANK YOU!!!

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