Mark Does Stuff Pre-Tour Extravaganza: San Diego!

So, all ten cities/dates on the February Mark Does Stuff Tour are now chosen, but I’m saving that as a Christmas present for y’all. YES, I AM GOING ON TOUR. I will be promoting my eBooks, selling merch none of you have not seen, and organizing meet-ups for this fine community. However, I’d like to kick things off early with a test date next week in San Diego, California! YOU SHOULD COME HANG OUT!

If you live in San Diego or anywhere nearby, I am going to hold a prototype event at Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge in North Park on December 26th, at 5:00pm! This is not an official calendar event at the coffee shop, as this will be more of a meet-up and a chance for me to experiment with a few ideas I’ve been kicking around for the past two months. Either way, I would love to meet some of the fine folks who contribute and read the stuff in this community, so let’s do it!

I’ll be organizing this day and the full tour through my personal Facebook page. It’s just easier to keep track of this way. (You are welcome to add me there, if you like!) If you are going to attend this date or are considering it, please go to the Event Page I’ve created in order to RSVP. This is incredibly important, as I need to know how many people are going to come. 

If you don’t have a Facebook page, you are welcome to leave a comment below confirming that you will be attending or plan to attend. Again, this is needed to gauge space in case like 100 people say they’re going to show, and then I might have to switch venues. On that same note, if you know of a venue that could host us that might be better-suited (and is open on the day after Christmas), feel free to let me know! I am not opposed to moving it, as long as I can communicate it to everyone.

This event will be FREE OF CHARGE. (It looks like I’ll be able to do the same thing for ALL ten dates on my tour as well!) I will bring a poorly designed donation jar if you’d like to help support the Mark Does Stuff endeavor, which includes my new private server, publishing books, buying merch for y’all, and to pay for the tour next year, which I have to pay for out of my own pockets. Otherwise, do not worry if you don’t have money to spare. This meet-up will not cost you a penny.

Okay, so this little experiment of mine is finally starting. I hope that I can meet some of you, and I’ll announce the full tour very, very soon. Dates will be in the Midwest, the East coast, and CANADA. TWO CANADIAN DATES TOTAL VICTORY. If it is a success, I would love to do a second and third tour later in the year in the south, the west coast, western Canada, AND I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO GO TO THE U.K. So let’s make this happen!

Remember, visit to buy my eBooks, as the money there goes to support all of this stuff, which is not really that inexpensive to run or pull off. I also have a CafePress store with tons of merch that you would love to own. Anything you can do to help would be sweet!


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50 Responses to Mark Does Stuff Pre-Tour Extravaganza: San Diego!

  1. Natalia (@mellafe) says:

    Why is Chile so far away 🙁

    • Eefje says:

      And the Netherlands, also so, so far. 🙁

      But I'm exited for all the other peoples who will get to go. Have fun!

  2. David M. B. says:

    YES. I will do all I can to make this. Claire De Lune is a good place, it has a nice down-home feel and it can fit a respectable amount of people. Actually, it's about five blocks from where my dad works at a music store, so for me, it's perfect. I really hope I can come. It would be awesome to meet you! Out of curiosity, how many people do you envision showing up at this event?

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      Oh god, I hate stating that, because I thought like ten people would show up to my LeakyCon panel, and SO MANY MORE THAN THAT DID. it was terrifying.

      I dunno, like ten people? I FEEL SOMEWHAT SAFE SAYING THAT.

  3. @bonez565 says:

    Please say that you'll be coming somewhere within the southeast Michigan area. I'd love to be part of the first series of Meetups/Tours.

  4. ElisabethMK says:

    oh yes, Mark is coming to the midwest!!!!

    my life is a little more complete now.

  5. Becky_J_ says:

    ohmygodohmygod PLEASE COME TO COLORADO. It is not in the Midwest. Or the East Coast. Or Canada. BUT STILL. Denver (or Boulder!) would welcome you soooo well!!!

    I am SO excited for this tour, even if you don't make it near me….. A couple years ago, could you even have guessed this would be what you were doing??

  6. Sara says:

    Please say you’re coming to the Southeast as that would be a GREAT way for me to meet both you and @Lula34 in person. I would make you a vegan cake. In the shape of the Galactica. Swearsies!

    • lula34 says:

      OMG, Sara. We graduated from the SAME HIGH SCHOOL. We know THE EXACT SAME PEOPLES. Yet we've never met in person. This is the sadness of all sadnesses.

      Oh yeah, Mark. She makes CAKES. I want mine in the shape of a Tardis. And on the edges I'd like white tulips, a stake, and a hand with "Not Penny's Boat" written upon it. Represent all the fandoms, Sara. ALL THE FANDOMS.

    • SporkyRat says:

      I want him to come to the Southeast! New Orleans is only two hours away! Mobile, even!

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      Not in the southeast YET, but I want part 2 or 3 of tour to go there. I will come to the South because I love it dearly!

  7. knut_knut says:

    NY?? yes, yes, yes?

  8. WindsName says:

    Michigan? Please?

  9. Cassidy says:

    Can you please comment on this comment so I feel famous?

  10. Tavyan says:

    You should have a hometown Bay area meet up sometime. You don't need to run off to silly Canada or even the UK to find people who enjoy reading your site!

    *Disclaimer: I am so jealous and would love to go to Awesome Canada or Brilliant UK. 😉

  11. littletonosense says:

    Ok I already commented on the facebook page. I'm gonna try to make it down. I actually live walking distance from Claire de lune, but I'll be in moreno valley for Christmas. But I think my sister will drive me back. I WILL FORCE HER

  12. Lesbrary says:

    If you eventually come to the West coast of Canada, I will bring vegan cupcakes. And possible vegan praline brownies (they are amazing ohmygod)

  13. George says:

    YES COME TO THE UK!! 😀 (please)

  14. Lady X says:

    Curse you east coast from not being on the west coast! But 100 people coming? MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE.

  15. PrefectSarah says:

    I'll keep my fingers crossed and HOPE that you'll come to Michigan!! But, nobody EVER comes to Michigan because it isn't exactly ON THE WAY to anywhere… except Canada. And, frankly, there are other ways to get to Canada that don't involve driving through Michigan. *sigh*

    Could you maybe consider doing live feed or something? Or would that not really work for this type of event?

  16. Linzy says:

    Horray East Coast!! You know you want to do the DC/Baltimore area!

  17. Maya says:

    *sobs* YOU COME TO MY CITY AND I'M ON THE EAST COAST FOR CHRISTMAS. *SOBS* Please come back during a non-holiday weekend!!!

    But North Park is really fab. It's my favorite place to go out in the city.

  18. Esther says:

    I hope you come to New York. I mean. . . it's New York. I'm so happy I live here now.

  19. shyfully says:


    Which is to say: I will be there for sure! And most likely will get waffles because WHO NEEDS A BECAUSE WAFFLES SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES

  20. rtr says:


  21. flootzavut says:

    I'm several thousand miles too far away to come hang out but I hope it's a great time for all!

  22. Saber says:


  23. robin says:

    I don't have Facebook, so dropping a line here.

    I will probably come, unless something urgent comes up between now and the 26th.

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