Here’s a preview of the design to come!

This was going to go up this week to preview the site, but I sort of had my hand forced and had to make it go public earlier than I planned. Still, it’s awesome and I’m excited to show you the final design!

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Perpetually unprepared since '09.
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24 Responses to Here’s a preview of the design to come!

  1. celestineangel says:

    Oooooooo, nice! Chibi!Mark looks grumpy. XD

  2. Qwerty says:

    Eee, excite. Looks awesome~ is it done by the same person who made your Buzznet layouts?

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      No. The stick version of me is done by hchano, who I have lost contact with, and the WP templates will be custom-made by my friend Jaymee.

      • Syd K. says:

        I have got to learn how to do CSS and WP templates — grad school has been DEVOURING the classmate of my husband's who is going to be doing ours. (And by DEVOURING I mean 'is currently in Hong Kong, during finals week, for a school-related thing unrelated to his current classes' devoured. Poor/lucky bastard.)

      • Kchano says:

        Hchano got caught up planning her wedding and in keeping her webcomic updated, and if she gets distracted, which is easily done, she will forget about important things like online reading and eating at regular intervals just as easily. And as none of the Chanos has yet read Hunger Games, we aren't reading the MarkReads yet because OMGSPOILERS. WE STILL LOVE YOU FOREVER MAAARRRKKK ♥♥♥ I don't have a car and the closest bus stop is several miles from my house but I will get to the library soon I promise 😀

  3. Suspicious Cookie says:

    I mean design, not layout, as it's kind of..not a layout yet? Whatever.

  4. cait0716 says:

    Why are you reading Breaking Dawn? Why do I recognize that cover?

  5. Katie says:

    I like the skepticism. Its very much what I expect from you Mark (in the best sense of course). Can't wait for the site to be completely up and running

  6. sageofmudora says:

    I love the image! Somehow it makes you plowing through that miserable pile of &$#@%^*(*%%^ cute 🙂 Stick figures with chibi faces are underutilized.

  7. justakid says:

    Mark, is your stick figure reading Twilight?

    The design looks really cool, I can't wait to see it. 🙂

  8. 1foxi says:

    haha yes, your pic is you reading breaking dawn – funny <3

  9. Dementress says:

    Loving the cute little Mark drawing!

  10. Ida says:

    I love it:)

    And I'm Segundus from Buzznet if you can remember me from the gazillions of people who followed you during Harry Potter.:P I'm very exited for Hunger Games. Heard it's very good:D

  11. bookling says:

    I love the look!

  12. freezingdesert says:

    Love the image. So cute.

  13. SableFlag says:

    This may be my favorite layout of all time.

  14. iva222 says:

    I love it! <3

  15. motdujour says:

    This website is a good thing. Especially once it gets pretty

  16. Hchano says:

    Oh shi– My friend [kchano] linked me to show me you were using
    my doodle LOL. I'm flattered but I COULD HAVE DONE BETTER IF
    YOU'D ASKED ME TO. XD I haven't kept up with MR in so long :(((
    I been really busy. It's pretty awesome you have a new site now.
    Keep it up, Mark 😀

  17. Hchano says:

    You totally should have gone with the blood fountain vomit pic instead, imo.

    Much <3 ,

  18. Suspicious Cookie says:

    I like the new header – it's beautiful! But what happened to this one?

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