Hello! This is real

I know quite a few of you have figured this out, so if you’re peeking around here, yes, this site is real; yes, so is this post, and yes, we are moving here soon. Feel free to sign up for a WordPress account if you’d like to stick around. There will be a lot more coming.

This is not nearly the final design, but I need to put up quite a few posts before that launches so I can get Google Analytics and Google AdSense running. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

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Perpetually unprepared since '09.
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20 Responses to Hello! This is real

  1. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    Testing comments! SO AWESOME!

  2. The Dementress says:

    Hello Mark! Nice to see this place up! Lol hope the comments system here is better than Buzznet's. XP

  3. Terra says:


    SO EXCITE ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Caitlin P says:

    Congratulatins on the new site! I am so excited for what's coming next!

  5. rhrsoulmates says:

    Congrats, Mark!

    "but I need to put up quite a few posts before that launches so I can get Google Analytics and Google AdSense running. "

    You should just post and backdate (can you do that) all of your HP posts and you'd be good to go! Hey, can we use any html here? (I don't want to try and look like an idiot.) Also, what's going to happen to all our fun macros and gifs?!

  6. shazzib says:

    I AM EXCITE!!! <3

  7. Tilja says:

    Hi! It's me again (I think that by now my user name must be pretty much easy to spot after all the accounts containing it).

    Since you know so much about web managment, programming and codes, there's something I'd like to ask. Can you tell me how does RSS work? I tried logging in to Meta in this page, but it keeps telling me my name (the one I'm using to write here) is invalid. Then I tried registering, but it looks as if it's trying to register me to wp, when you and I can see that I already have an acct which isn't making itself accessible to Meta. Are they actually two separate things that look exactly the same with the same wp-register page or what? This feature always baffled me and I could never find a way to use it.

    Technical question over. Now I'll congratulate you again for this new page. CONGRATULATIONS!

    There. ^-^

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      WP is very strange in that it doesn't seem to allow you to just be logged in to WP and everything is fine.

      I'll figure it out ASAP and post about it.

  8. Congrats on the new site!!!

    Now I'm off to go experiment with this new medium. First goal- learn if gifs are allowed/how to post.

  9. bookling says:

    Y'all, gifs work — you just need to post them using the img src code.

    <img src="http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lc1xftqsH81qb0zfoo1_500.gif"&gt;

    I'm so happy!

  10. xpanasonicyouthx says:


  11. Desiree says:



  12. phoebe says:

    if someone comments on the buzznet site, will you still check it?

  13. aguest says:

    i'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do you make a wordpress account? i am so confused – there is no "sign up" button when you click on the wordpress link, and i cant find it on their main website.

  14. qwopisinthemailbox says:

    just testing to see if i've found out how to post gifs…

    <imgscr =http://i1216.photobucket.com/albums/dd375/DoctorWhoGifss3/Doctor%20Who%20Gifs/doctorguitar2.gif>

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