Mark Reads ‘Lifeboats’: Chapter 10

In the tenth chapter of Lifeboats, Kit says goodbye. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Young Wizards. 

Kit did it. KIT DID IT.

I do appreciate his humility throughout this chapter. On the one hand, it’s simply hard to wrap your mind around the reality of what happened here. One single conversation—and one story within that conversation—started a cascade effect, one that spread throughout the symbiotic network of the sibiks, and which utterly changed this world. That’s astounding. It’s also absurd. And I don’t mean that as a criticism! It’s just that change on this level—in such a magnificent scope—doesn’t happen in a few days and because someone told a sad story, you know? It’s not like this is something Kit could have been prepared for!

But the results are still there, and Kit had an undeniable effect on the people of Teveral, so much so that the PLANETARY WIZARD said that they’d tracked down the change TO KIT. Duane leaves no ambiguity here, and I love that. It’s why Kit tries to minimize what he’s done! He can’t just outright accept that his one act changed so many lives. Fifteen million, y’all!!! That is inconceivable to me! I can’t even imagine having an impact on that many people’s lives, you know?

Still, I wasn’t quite read for the goodbyes. Lifeboats, while not over yet, has been quite a long novel, so I expected the end scenes to be comparable to the middle. But Kit packs up his stuff, leaves camp, bids goodbye to his two new friends, and readies for a jump to the Crossings in a very short span of time. It’s a tad jarring; Duane had settled comfortably into this narrative, and it just wrapped up in mere pages. Well, not entirely wrapped up! There’s still one thread that’s been left dangling: What is Kit going to do for Nita on Valentine’s Day??? I NEED TO KNOW.

I’m gonna miss Cheleb and Djam, though. SO MUCH.

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