Mark Reads ‘Lifeboats’: Chapter 3, Part III

In the third part of the third chapter of Lifeboats, Dairine tells an interesting story. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Young Wizards. 

I still don’t know what much of this will have to do with what’s coming, so I’m hoping that Dairine’s story of the Fourth is explained further. Firstly because I NEED TO KNOW!!! Where did the Gevai come from? WHAT IS THEIR IMPORTANCE? Of everything here, that’s what captured me the most. Which is a good thing, since I wasn’t quite that into the lengthy sequence prior to that regarding food. I felt like it was more worldbuilding than anything else.

I didn’t dislike it, mind you! Duane does capture a great deal of what I’ve loved about reading science fiction. I’m a sucker for imagining the technology of the future, and it’s something I hope to be able to do on my own. (I haven’t quite gotten there; my first book USED to be sci-fi, so I hope I have a good enough idea to return to the genre at some point.) I really geeked out over that food kiosk because IT WAS SO COOL. It can read information from manuals and provide a proper menu! It buses your meal afterwards! TECHNOLOGY CAN BE AMAZING.

But it was also the first section that seemed a tad sluggish, at least until Dairine got to her story about Tarthak. That’s when this picked up again, and OH LORD, do I need to know what all of this means. It’s got to be relevant, right? We know these four species will be involved in the rescue effort. And the mystery that Duane creates with these people is SO GOOD. Where did the Fourth originate? Why don’t they know? Why doesn’t the manual know??? WHY DOES TOM POKE FUN AT NITA WHEN SHE SUGGESTS TALKING TO THEM IN THE SPEECH?

I need to know. I need to!

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