Mark Predicts ‘Games Wizards Play’ and more

Hello, cousins! For the time being, this will likely be the last of the Young Wizards prediction posts, since I’m nearing the end of the series publishing order. Never fear, though! I shall continued to be unprepared for you!

So, first things first: let’s talk about my last round of predictions.

  1. The titular wizard is Roshaun. Wow, I tried.
  2. Because THAT’S WHERE HE WENT. Still trying, still not doing it right.
  3. So I think this whole book is about rescuing Roshaun, and they find him on Mars. For… a reason. MY GOD I WASN’T EVEN CLOSE.
  4. I don’t know what that reason is. Because IT LITERALLY DOES NOT EXIST.
  5. We will also see a healed Ronan as part of the action! Hey, at least I got this right.
  6. Darryl will be there, too. And there was so much Darryl!!!
  7. And there will be an update on Tuyet and Nguyet, who survived the battle on the moon. I REALLY LIKED THEM 🙁
  8. Kit’s family will have adopted a new dog. I actually don’t think they’ll be able to for a while.
  9. This book will also take place during summer vacation, so the three young wizards won’t be in school. I’m saving this for the next prediction post.
  10. The Lone One has some sort of “presence” on Mars, which is why the book is focused on that. Technically, I’m not wrong. Technically, I’m just trying really, really hard to make me sound like I know what I am doing.
  11. Kit and Nita will explore the possibility of dating in this book. (IT’S BOUND TO HAPPEN.) FINALLY. UNABASHEDLY RIGHT, I CAN CELEBRATE.
  12. This book will also address the emotional toll of past events on Dairine. Also another great prediction!
  14. We will meet a new young wizard! Not a young one, but quite a few new wizards who are all adults.
  15. There will be a big climactic battle on Mars. Well, this is not wrong??? It just wasn’t what I thought.
  16. I’M NOT READY. T R U E.

So, here’s the deal: I want these predictions to cover not just the next book, but this entire batch of stories and the novella. I won’t tally up my results until after I finish Games Wizards Play and before I start the Feline Wizards books. Thus: I shall be a mess for a lot longer.

Here we go:

  1. One of the short stories will deal with Kit and Nita being in a relationship.
  2. How Lovely Are Thy Branches features Filif as one of the main characters!
  3. Lifeboats takes place… in the ocean?
  4. So S’reee makes an appearance?
  5. (Lord, I really have no idea what I’m doing.)
  6. Tom and Carl will feature in one of the stories.
  7. So will Nita’s dad.
  8. The Lone One will have one physical manifestation throughout everything.
  9. Games Wizards Play is about… some sort of wizardly competition thing? Like maybe the title is literal?
  10. We will meet another young wizard! PLEASE.
  11. (Bonus points if they’re human.)
  12. Roshaun will not be found in any of the stories/novellas/books.
  13. But at least one of them will address Dairine’s search for him.
  14. We’ll see Darryl and Ronan at least once.
  15. Carmela will have a major part in Games Wizards Play.
  16. Games Wizards Play will happen during the kids’ summer vacation.
  17. And it will happen off the planet!

All right, into the unknown I go.

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