Mark Reads ‘A Wizard of Mars’: Chapter 5, Part I

In the first half of the fifth chapter of A Wizard of Mars, ALIENS. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Young Wizards. 


Y’all. Kit is gonna be in so much trouble. I know it, he knows it, and I’m sure the second half of this chapter is gonna address the ramifications of his actions. It has to, right? There’s no way the manuals of all the Wizards working on this project won’t tell them what just happened. Actually, I’d really like it if I knew what happened, too.

Now, I’m savvy enough to recognize that coincidences don’t happen in the Young Wizards Universe. On top of that, wizards don’t experience random visions – like the one Kit has of Irina – for absolutely no reason at all. This is all part of something, and what that something is forms the central mystery of the Martian superegg. There HAS to be a reason that Kit was drawn to Mars, that he couldn’t sleep, that he went there at precisely the right time, that he felt like the land was watching him. Mars knew. Right???

I know in saying that, however, that there is an immediate complication: Mars has no kernel, and the land is not eager to give up any details about the previous inhabitants. So… is it possible that the mere chance of the awakening of the superegg woke up Mars? Perhaps. As I went back through this chapter, I appreciated all the physical and emotional signs that something huge was about to occur. Obviously, that helped to build tension. From the dust devil to the eerie silence, as if Mars itself was anticipating Kit’s next action, this was some incredible storytelling. I needed to know! Why had this superegg drawn Kit to it?

We don’t know yet. (Well, I don’t, that is.) This thing NEEDED Kit, I’m guessing. Why had it not responded to him before, though? He had touched it, if I recall correctly, so what was different then from now?

Oh. He wasn’t alone before.


It’s a possibility. The egg only reacts once Kit is alone and once he touches it. And then… we’ll, there’s a lot here, and Diane goes for the weird and the bewildering and IT IS SO OVERWHELMING. I believe – and I’m theorizing here – that this thing reacted to Kit in more ways than he was aware of. All of the weird shapes it morphs into might have just been an exploration of sorts, but what are the odds that it would turn into one of the things Kit fears the most? It was aware of Kit! I can’t have been imagining that!

As for that “signal” thing at the end… lord. What if there are MORE EGGS under the surface of Mars??? What if this thing activated them??? THIS CANNOT BE A COINCIDENCE, I’M TRYING TO PREPARE MYSELF.

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