Mark Predicts ‘A Wizard of Mars’

It continues to astound me just how fast I feel like I’m moving through this series, but HERE WE ARE, COUSINS. I’m about to start my ninth (!!!!!) Young Wizards book. Before we begin that, however, let’s take one look back at Wizards at War.

Oh, I tried.

  1. Darryl will appear! YES. I AM SO HAPPY.
  2. So will Sker’ret, Filif, and Roshaun. See, they didn’t go home at the end of the last book, so I’m guessing that they’ll stick around to deal with the thing. And they did! And then The Thing dealt with them.
  3. The “thing” being that some huge war is going to start on Mars. I… I guess, Mark? Did I think that because one of the books had “Mars” in the title that this would BE on Mars?
  4. It will be between wizards who support the Powers and wizards that support the Lone One. Well, I was wrong on this one. Or was I? Actually, yeah, I’ll count this as wrong.
  5. Most of it won’t take place on Mars, though. Well, this is true entirely by accident.
  6. The main threat: Earth. Nope. EVERYTHING. LITERALLY EVERYTHING.
  7. The Lone One will reference what Nita and Kit did in Wizard’s Holiday. Oh gods, It didn’t, did It? 
  8. A LOT OF WIZARDS WILL DIE. LIKE, A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT. Look at me, trying to prepare myself. 
  9. Nita’s and Dairine’s dad will have to get involved in the action at one point. I don’t know if what actually happened counts as this, but he’s got a major scene in the middle of the book when Nita goes home. So… yes?
  10. The phone call that Nita got at the end of Wizard’s Holiday will be revealed to be from Tom. Hi, Tom! I’m glad you and Carl are okay.
  11. We will meet more new wizards than I can count. SO MANY NEW WIZARDS.
  12. There will be a huge battle on Earth at some point. NOPE.
  13. Roshaun and Dairine will talk about their ~feelings~ for one another. WHAT THE FUCK, MARK, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.
  14. This book will ALSO end on a cliffhanger. Thankfully, it did not. It just hurt a whole lot.

All right, my fellow Young Wizards fans. Here’s what I think will happen in book nine:

Predictions for A Wizard of Mars

  1. The titular wizard is Roshaun.
  2. Because THAT’S WHERE HE WENT.
  3. So I think this whole book is about rescuing Roshaun, and they find him on Mars. For… a reason.
  4. I don’t know what that reason is.
  5. We will also see a healed Ronan as part of the action!
  6. Darryl will be there, too.
  7. And there will be an update on Tuyet and Nguyet, who survived the battle on the moon.
  8. Kit’s family will have adopted a new dog.
  9. This book will also take place during summer vacation, so the three young wizards won’t be in school.
  10. The Lone One has some sort of “presence” on Mars, which is why the book is focused on that.
  11. Kit and Nita will explore the possibility of dating in this book. (IT’S BOUND TO HAPPEN.)
  12. This book will also address the emotional toll of past events on Dairine.
  14. We will meet a new young wizard!
  15. There will be a big climactic battle on Mars.
  16. I’M NOT READY.

Onwards, cousins!

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