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Y’all know I’m not. I can’t believe it. I got tricked! Cliffhanger’d for the first time in the Young Wizards series and RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. Lord. With that said, let’s look towards the previous set of predictions before I do another set of them. (I’m scared.)

  1. Nita goes on a MUCH-NEEDED VACATION. (If this is true, I’m already going to love this because this fulfills a trope I always want and never get.) The funniest part about this is not only was I right, I was also wrong because her vacation became SOMETHING ELSE.
  2. Kit goes with her. And I’m glad this is the case!
  3. Thus, this takes place in the summer of the same year as A Wizard Alone. Ah, a technicality: Spring Break. I’m still not over the fact that spring break is two weeks elsewhere in the world. UNFAIR.
  4. They go OUTSIDE OF NEW YORK. What a guess!
  5. I am going to guess the West coast??? WHAT A FAILURE
  6. WHAT IF THEY COME HERE TO L.A. Not even close. 
  7. Okay, not a prediction. I think Dairine ends up coming along, too. Oh MY GOD LOOK HOW WRONG I AM. 
  8. As does Nita’s father. I’m so glad that there was a split narrative in this book.
  9. Then, something *happens* that makes all three wizards work on an errantry while on vacation. Technically… not untrue???? I AM COUNTING THIS ONE.
  10. Darryl will appear once. Next book???
  11. My guess is that the Lone One will try, purely out of spite, to ruin their vacation. Oh god, I’m actually not going to count this one. Technically, it’s the fault of the Powers That Be more than anyone else. Even then, I wouldn’t say their vacation was ruined, either. 
  12. We’ll meet new wizards in whatever location the trio goes to! And I already miss all of them! Though I have THOUGHTS. See below!

Given that we’re working off a cliffhanger here, I have way more to predict. LET’S DO THIS.

Predictions for Wizards at War

  1. Darryl will appear!
  2. So will Sker’ret, Filif, and Roshaun. See, they didn’t go home at the end of the last book, so I’m guessing that they’ll stick around to deal with the thing.
  3. The “thing” being that some huge war is going to start on Mars.
  4. It will be between wizards who support the Powers and wizards that support the Lone One.
  5. Most of it won’t take place on Mars, though.
  6. The main threat: Earth.
  7. The Lone One will reference what Nita and Kit did in Wizard’s Holiday.
  9. Nita’s and Dairine’s dad will have to get involved in the action at one point.
  10. The phone call that Nita got at the end of Wizard’s Holiday will be revealed to be from Tom.
  11. We will meet more new wizards than I can count.
  12. There will be a huge battle on Earth at some point.
  13. Roshaun and Dairine will talk about their ~feelings~ for one another.
  14. This book will ALSO end on a cliffhanger.


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