Now accepting commissions for Sarah Rees Brennan’s ‘Unmade’

Hello, friends! I have a rather full schedule these days (I’m currently in Dallas, about to play a version of Hollywood Squares at a convention), but I want to start easing back into doing some extra Mark Reads stuff for y’all. Namely, I know that Unmade is now out, and I cannot allow myself to go much longer without reading this book. IT MUST HAPPEN.

SO! Starting LITERALLY RIGHT NOW, I will accept commissions for Unmade. I am traveling through October 9, and will begin recording commissions around that date. I will put one up every day (including weekends!) and will host a discussion once the book is finished. While I would love to give this the normal Mark Reads treatment, I have so little free time that there’s no way I could add another 10 hours of work during the week. BUT UNMADE. IT MUST HAPPEN.

Commissions are $20 a chapter, and please make sure you purchase extra time if the chapter you want is significantly longer than 5,000 words or so. And hey, if I get extra time between now and the 9th, I will start this early. LET US BREAK MY HEART REPEATEDLY.

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