My next TWO Double Features have been CHOSEN

And you’re here to find out what they are. THE TENSION IS UNBEARABLE.

So, I’ll be finishing Ella Enchanted on February 6th, which is much closer than I thought, so I figured I should give a heads up for what’s coming up next for Mark Reads Double Features.

On February 7th, I’ll be starting The Westing Game by Ellen Ruskin, and all I know about it (or remember from the pitch) is that it’s going to break my brain, so LET’S DO IT. Like commissions for Ella Enchanted, not only is it just $20 per commission, but chapters will be combined in pairs for reviews and commissions. So, when you claim a commission, please check the Master Schedule to see how I will be reviewing this book. It’s identical to how I read Ella Enchanted. 

Following this, I will finally be reading a book by the mega-requested Diana Wynne Jones: Deep Secret. That book will obey the normal standard of one commission, one-chapter. There are 25 chapters, and I have not decided what to read after it. Yet. Still, I wanted to let you know what was coming up next!

Remember, if you’d like to help keep my online universe up and running (and my stress levels down to a minimum so I can just focus on writing), you’re welcome to help out in a number of ways. Thank y’all for the support, and MORE BOOKS. MORE OF THEM FOREVER.

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  1. Mizuki says:

    You know what you should do next? 🙂 The Circle of Magic quartet. Because you’ve liked all of Tamora Pierce’s books so far and I HIGHLY recommend them ^_^ (because I swear I love everything she’s written they’re just all so good and she’s so awesome at worldbuilding ughh why can’t I write like that)

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