Mark Reads ‘The Broken Kingdoms’: Appendix 2 / ‘The Kingdom of Gods’ Predictions

Oh, y’all, not only are there predictions for the final Inheritance book here, but WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT APPENDIX 2. WE MUST.

Let’s do that first so I can properly finish The Broken Kingdoms. God, SO MUCH TO UNPACK HERE.

  • The thing that struck me most was the concept of history being manipulated to fit a political or social need. As Nemue Sarfith Enulai recounts the truth of Maro culture, of the existence and use of demons in Maro, Y’li is consistently reluctant to accept what she says. History is not about recording what you like or what falls along one’s own confirmation bias. Y’li tries to edit history within the first couple minutes of this interview! He’s correcting Nemue when she uses the word Maro to describe herself and he complains when she speaks Enefa’s name. The destruction of the Marolands just happened, and he’s already revising history.
  • It’s also striking that this reminds me so much of conversations I’ve either had or read concerning the way that white supremacy operates to revise history to make traditionally accepted white cultures the true progenitors of “civilization.” In particular, Nemue speaks of how Itempas was the first to bless the Maro with his knowledge, which meant the Maro were the first to develop mathematics, astronomy, writing, and other social concepts long before the more “civilized” cultures apparently adopted them themselves. (Read: stole them. They probably stole them.) That exact dynamic has played out over history, though not always in white supremacist sense. It’s obviously a lot more complicated than that. But I remembered reading this awful paper once in college about how most of the things we considered civilized were “invented” by Aryan/European cultures, which is not only a revisionist view of history, but DISGUSTINGLY RACIST. No. no.
  • I also loved how this brief interview was about Nemue’s fearlessness. Yes, she literally had nothing left to lose; her people were nearly wiped out of existence. But she doesn’t hesitate to tell Y’li that she’s a demon, that the enulai are all demons, too, and then she very confidently states that “there are no demons left in the world, anywhere.” I like to imagine she did that intentionally, knowing that this wasn’t the truth. She’s not sorry to die because she’s protecting the demons who will inevitably survive without her.

Before I embarrass myself forever, let’s go over my predictions for the second book in The Inheritance Trilogy:

  • Gods, I don’t even feel like Jemisin left me much to go on, so… we will get to see Itempas as a human being? Hey! Not bad! 1/1
  • We will see how the people of Sky deal with Yeine’s SUPER GIANT TREE. YES. AND YES, THIS IS GREAT. 2/2
  • This book will follow Yeine’s journey through the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms in an attempt to repair them. (Which is my guess as to why this second book will be titled this way.) Well, it begins now. WHOMP WHOMP. 2/3
  • We will meet more Enefadeh that did not appear in the first book! They’re called godlings now, Mark. And yes!! Many more!! who are mostly dead oh no 3/4
  • We will go to at least five new kingdoms in the narrative. what the hell. 3/5
  • I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PREDICT ANY MORE. The neat thing about The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is that it feels so complete. Granted, I want more of this world, but if that book had been a one-off, I would have been pleased with the ending. So, I don’t know what else there is left to predict! 100% true, but doesn’t count.
  • Um… Scimina will die? I THOUGHT THIS WAS IMPORTANT LOL 3/6
  • So will Dekarta? why 3/7
  • Okay, how about one big one? The end of the novel will feature the fall of the Arameri. Y’all, I couldn’t even begin to predict the scope of this novel. HELP ME. -1,000/8
  • Forever unprepared, y’all.

So, now comes a very difficult task for me: I have to predict the last novel in this trilogy. Y’all, there’s almost nothing left unresolved from The Broken Kingdoms, SO THIS IS GOING TO BE A CHALLENGE.

  • The third book will be from the point of view of yet another new character we have not met yet.
  • This book will follow Yeine more closely. (I like the idea of a trilogy following Nahadoth, Itempas, and Yeine. Threes!)
  • This will address a power struggle between the mortals and the gods. (IDEK????)
  • At some point, Shiny will appear in the narrative to protect a human.
  • By the end of the novel, he’ll be returned to god form as one of the Three.
  • This book will feature the fall of the Arameri from power.
  • A new group will take the place of the Arameri.
  • We’ll meet at least five new godlings.
  • I don’t know how to do this. WHAT ELSE IS THERE LEFT TO PREDICT?

We start The Kingdom of Gods on Friday morning. Lord, this is probably the most difficult series to predict ever.

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