My next Double Feature: Ella Enchanted! / Confusion 2014

I wanted to officially announce that I’ll be starting Ella Enchanted for the Double Feature spot on Friday, January 10th! EXCITED.

Please note the Master Schedule, which denotes the week-long break I need to take to account for travel to the Legendary ConFusion in Detroit/Dearborn in January! WHICH YOU SHOULD COME TO IF YOU CAN! I’ll be on a ton of panels and have multiple readings/signings/hangout opportunities. Because Ella Enchanted has such short chapters, a single commission of $20 buys A PAIR OF CHAPTERS. Please look at the Master Schedule to see how reviews will work. I did not think it would be fair for folks to buy super short videos, and this way, we can move on to ANOTHER book soon! I have also posted the official breakdown of the Provost’s Dog series for commissions, too.

Thanks for your support, and may 2014 hold MANY BOOK ADVENTURES FOR US.

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