Mark Predicts ‘Trickster’s Queen’ / “Testing”

So, I only get one prediction post for this series, but let’s make it a doozy, okay?


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  • I’m leaving that one as a period because initially, I just sat here and stared at the empty WordPress page because HOW DO I PREDICT THIS BOOK WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE A FOOL? Truthfully, it’s impossible because this going to be a very complicated narrative, so here goes.
  • Sarai is the queen in the prophecy, the one referred to in the title.
  • Dove, however, will take a role that is very similar to what Myles or George does for King Jonathan in Tortall. I hesitate to name it because I don’t know what it would be here, since they’d be creating a new government.
  • Oh, yes, obviously, this all relies on the raka overthrowing luarin rule, so that happens.
  • Aly will find a way to convince the raka to allow luarin who supported them to stay on the Isles.
  • By the end of the book, they’ll discover who Aly is and who her family is in Tortall.
  • Just because I’m still heartbroken over Mequen and Lokeij, NO ONE SIGNIFICANT DIES IN THIS BOOK BECAUSE I NEED A BREAK.
  • By “significant” I mean “people I like” because apparently I’m a child.
  • So, I realize by predicting that Sarai becomes queen, that means Dunevon can’t be king. Gods, I hate typing this, but someone kills Dunevon. It’s the only thing I can think of!
  • Of course, Imajane and Rubinyan will both attempt to take power before Sarai BUT WILL FAIL.
  • Ochobu will be endlessly entertaining.
  • Aly will go home at the end of the book.
  • Oh god, I’m scared for this book.

There. Those are properly ridiculous! And now, enjoy theparsleysage’s commission for “Testing,” a non-spoilery short story in Tortall and Other Lands. Well, wait, I should say that the first bit up to ____ actually spoils the content of the story, since I read the Author’s Note before hand.

Note that the original text/videos contain uses of: “crazy,” “mad,” “nuts,” “dumb,” and “stupid.”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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